Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dumpster Diving

 See all the empty cardboard bolt thingy's, they are from my first ever dumpster dive!! 
 I used some of them for my large fabric yardage. The two bolts on the right are the Christmas fabric's I picked up at 70% off!! I have more large fabric yardage to wrap tomorrow or whenever I find the bottom of all of the piles.
 I cut most of the cardboard into 11 1/2 inch strips to wrap the majority of my fabric on. It is not nearly as fancy and nice as Carla has but for free it will do!
 Messy, messy work.
I am afraid now that I am wrapping the fabric it won't all fit back on the shelves, yikes!

This morning just after I got ever thing set up to begin working on the next UFO a GF called to tell me the local big box fabric store had some Christmas fabric for 70% off. It was drop and go time! I scored backing for what I think will be enough for 4 Christmas quilts at $2.49 a yard, YA HOOO While there I ask about what they did with the empty bolt boards. The manager said they throw them out, I was welcome to check the ally and take all I wanted from the recycle dumpster. So I did. Cute dress, ugly boot and all, I didn't actually get in the dumpster I just took from the top what I could reach. I have NO where near as much as I will need but I wasn't brave (dumb) enough to really dive in the dumpster.

After wrapping the fabric I was using straight pins to hold it in place but then I remembered a U Tube video where a lady did the same thing but secured the fabric with rubber bands. Seems like a much better idea to me, I am always afraid I am going to lose a pin in the carpet. When DD got home from school we hit staples for rubber bands and a little something cute for her desk this year. I haven't needed to buy a single thing for her classroom this year although I did pick her up a super cute lunch bag, even packed her lunch, seemed like old times. HA

I am really excited to get this fabric organizing project started. Sitting on the floor with the massive boot ain't a pretty sight I can tell you but once it is all done it will be so nice to just thumb through fabric to find what I need. (I hope)

Tomorrow it will be back to working on a UFO that I am still so aggravated with I could spit but I want it done and out of the way so I can move on. Figure I will hit the dumpster later in the week for more cardboard so I can keep wrapping fabric.


  1. Hahaha...I would have given anything almost to see your first dumpster dive with your pretty little dress and boot on ! Yes I sure hear you about those straight pins in the carpet, not good news to have that happen.

  2. Lookin' good, Kotter!! ;) It is a LOT of work, but does make life easier!! At least when you're done!! Haha!!!

  3. Great idea to grab those tossed fabric boards. I can see how much easier it will be to find fabric once you are finished.

  4. I am proud of you- It takes courage to almost dumpster dive! lol What a great idea about those fabrics, though- xo Diana

  5. what a find Debby!!! and your stash is really going to be all organized nicely.
    Speaking of dumpster diving, I have a wonderful 86 year old Christian friend who "dose the dumpsters" at the apartment complex where he and his wife live. You would just NOT believe the items he collects and sells or wears or uses... people throw away many things that they would use otherwise just because they are moving and have to...