Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lets Talk Food

 Hubby is having a problem remembering to get to the garden each day. This poor watermelon went to the bugs, grr.
 Not much in the corn department this year. It was our first year to try a big bed of corn, the weather and my lack of attention played a big part in the failure.
 But we are getting a little each week to have for Sunday dinner. the ears are bigger than what this photo showes. I break the ears in 1/2 so they are easier to handle for the grands. They LOVE corn on the cob!!!
 After 2 days of no picking I ventured out to see what hubby has missed.
 Found a fair amount of some things. Lots and lots of ripe tomatoes had fallen off the plants to rot, :(
 Before I headed out I made sure to wrap my boot in a bag, no way are any more bugs gonna hitch a ride in the house!!!!
 So sad, my favorite grocery store closed back in June. I now have to drive almost 20 miles to stick with this chain.
New shoes, the least funky I could find. Look back on the photo of my bag wrapped boot, can you see that dress? Do you think this shoe is going to coordinate with my style of dress, NOPE.

This morning was all about food. It is crazy how long something as simple as cleaning out the refrigerator can be on one leg! We are doing surprisingly well on food waste around here other than things that hubby forgets to bring in from the garden. I have a couple of bags of fresh veggies DD#2 will need to deliver to a few friends. No way no how is hubby willing to preserve food!! Ha  Other than cucumbers I have put back so much all ready this year we shouldn't run out of anything until next season. Hubby is thinking of plowing most of the gardens under this weekend and replanting some things to see if we can get an extra crop this year, hope he is willing to take care of it!!

After braving the garden, bugs, and wildlife I ventured to the grocery store. Grocery shopping has become a pain in the rump now that our local store has closed down. One of the expensive chain stores bought them out to reduce the competition. After comparing prices time and again I refuse to pay the high price at the fancy store. I ask the Asst manager one day if their business had picked up since the other store had closed. His exact words were " Yes somewhat, people seem to enjoy the shopping experience we have here" RIGHT!! I grocery shop to buy food, if I want and experience I can find much more interesting things to do. Who am I kidding, just making it down the stairs these days is an experience in itself.

It took over 2 hours to get to the store, purchase groceries and return home but the savings were worth it. Spent $156.90, saved $126.03. One of the managers transferred from our old store so we had a nice chat about the price difference. He said the store that is so far away has seen a 47% increase in sales, ya them!! I forgot to load my cooler for meats and frozen goods before heading out this morning, the manager was so sweet he gave me 3 insulated bags I can use instead of loading a cooler each time I shop!! While the new farther away store is only 20 miles from home if the interstate backs up you could sit for an hour or longer to return home, something to keep things cold or frozen is a must. So is going potty before you leave the store! Ha As an added bonus I earn money off a gallon of gas, this week we are up to $.65 cents off a gallon, that really helps.

Hubby has lots of vacuum sealing to do tonight. Thankfully he is all about machines and tools so he will not mind. he is off  supper duty tonight as we have plenty of leftover beef from last nights meal, even enough to freeze for a meal later on. The crok pot has been a life saver for us all!!!

Oops, one last thing. Mason mans Dr felt like his head was a bit misshaped a few months back. DD#1 and hubby have been trying to decide if they should go with the recommendation to have him fitted with a helmet. Making decisions is one of the things that stinks for a parent. Go with the helmet so your child has a perfectly shaped head at a price tag of over $3,000.00 or stick with what God created? I'm not sure if their insurance covered any of the cost, in most cases it won't because it's considered cosmetic treatment. The hope is he will only have to wear it a few months at the most. So far he could care less, he is still the always smiling, laughing, sweet baby he has been. In a way it will help protect that sweet little noggin from bumps an bruises now that he is learning how to pull up and stand.

Time to get back to my ice packs and hexies!!


  1. Thanks for explaining the Mason Man's helmet, Debby..I thought I had missed one of your posts, an important one that that. Poor little guy being reshaped...but these decisions as you mentioned are difficult at times for parents. There is no putting you down...boot or no boot you are still one busy woman! Revisit to the specialist next week? I am patiently hoping my tomatoes will ripen within the next few weeks? Rain today here finally !

  2. Ugh, I've been threatened with those helmets with both of my kiddos! When they sleep, they just favor one side of how they put their head more than another. I saw a baby once wearing this thing and seems such a torture for them :( I refused with both of mine and instead tried to turn their heads more when they sleep. It fixed it 90% and now they have normally shaped heads without any helmets!!

  3. Lots and lots to eat in your garden. How much longer with the boot?

    Interesting about Mason's head. Have they made a decision yet?


  4. Hi Debby, poor little Mason. I dont think the shape of his head will affect him in later years will it and when he gets lots of hair you wont notice anyway. Definitely feel I'm with you about leaving it the way God created it!!

  5. All that food looks delicious. Unfortunately his heads probably not as God made it, with the requirement that kids sleep different now. We slept on our tummies, but slepping in one position changes the shape of a baby's head-its the price we pay for a lowered sids rate.

  6. poor guy....

    nice take on the garden output! :)

  7. In my experience all babies have weird heads if they are birthed normally ( not c section).i say no helmet! What will the "gotta be perfect" people think of next?

    Your food....YUM!

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