Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Home Again

 How about a little tour around Mt. Airey, NC. (AKA Mayberry)
For you knitters and crochet lovers here is a sweet little yarn store.
 How about some cheese and cider? Not sure if they had wine or not. Next trip I will be checking out the cheese.
 We of course had lunch at Snappy Grill.
 I couldn't pass up a chance to try the pork chop sandwich. As you can see by the bun this was a WHOPPER of a sandwich. Yes I ate it all except the bun.
 We took a little peek in the bakery. Look for some blog candy coming up later in the week from this shop.
 Grr, photo turned itself for some reason. We couldn't leave without a little something from the bakery. In all honesty we left with a lot of somethings and returned the second day for even more. Here's the cherry and apple pie for I brought home for hubby. This will be desert for tonight!! Yepee
 Love old clocks that still work, this one even chimes.
 We took a pass on the candy store but everything looked way yummy.
Yep, Floyd's is still open for business.

Oh how I miss this little town already!!!! I really could live in a small town. If our kiddo's were not all living local we would be gone in a skinny minute to a small town like this. Every single street around town is filled with beautiful homes, from mansions to little cottages. The flowers and yards are to die for. Wonderful Mom and Pop restaurants where everyone knows you name. This is truly what small town America is all about. While I miss my dear friend terribly since she moved back to her lovely home town I am honestly jealous of the peaceful life she now has. I did my best to stimulate the local economy while we were walking around town but still stayed under budget, go me! More to come on the perfect needless things all locally made I bought tomorrow.

We ate to much, had too little sleep, did some so not needed spending, and even worked in some sewing. I don't know how we kept our eye's opened so late at night to watch "The Help" DVD but we managed. I loved the book too pieces and was afraid the move wouldn't hold a candle to the book but it was a surprisingly good movie.

I have been taking at easy today working on a quilt top that refuses to go right. Bad patterns make me CRAZY!!! I think I have figured out enough work around's that I can complete it today but the sandwiching and quilting may be put off until I can get this ugly boot off my foot. Not sure if I can get down on the floor and do all the pining right now.

Off to get our dinner and lunch for tomorrow in the works. Chicken N Dumplins followed by pie for tonight. The leftover chicken will be chicken salad for some lunches this week. Time to get back to reality.


  1. I am a big fan of small town main streets, shame they are few and far between,

    Gill in Canada

  2. Wow loved the tour of Mayberry, thanks Debby. Yes I do so love the feel of small town. It is nice when people wave and smile at each other more then naught. Happy you had a great time with your BFF & managed with the new styling footwear.

  3. Oh, I love these little streets with local shops. They have such a unique merchandise. These pies look so good!

  4. Debby- I feel exactly like you do. If it were not for our kids being all around I would disappear to a small town in a New York minute. I love them...and always feel kind of connected there. I grew up in the mountains and there were 2 or 3 small towns at the base of the mountain and I always wanted to live in one of them. It was not meant to be- but that is where I am in my dreams- xo Diana