Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Surprise

 Lots of Hexies this past week!!
 Lovin this one.
 Very dainty and sweet.
 How could I not add a strawberry fields block.
 The second roll is almost done, only one more block to go!!!
 I can't decide which block is my favorite.
I really do love them all.

I had a wonderful surprise call from a GF yesterday morning wanting to know if I was going to be around. Yep, I will be hanging out on the couch with an ice pack and hexies all day. Sneaky GF was already in town and only a few minutes from our home!!! Yepee skipee. Thanks so much Val for making my day, week, month, well you get the idea. So many of my long time GF have moved over the years after hubby's have been transferred, while we do stay in touch over the phone, e-mail, FB and such getting to see them in person  sharing a big old bear hug is the best.

I have spent today working on some UFO's and making do on one. By tomorrow I should be ready to share with you. I ran out of thread so I had to stop for the day. I do have plenty of white thread stashed  but it is up stairs. I am trying very hard to limit my trips up the stairs to once a day (I do cheat sometimes) It is so freeing to have a few more UFO's knocked out. Maybe being grounded from running around like a crazy lady has some good points after all.

I just might have all the quilt tops quilted by the time I am released from this silly boot. Now that might just be worth driving my family nuts! Ha

I told hubby the other night I can't believe how much pain my feet have been in. His response "Honey we are all in pain around here" Yep he has had enough.


  1. This is going to look absolutely amazing when it's all done!! I'm sorry you are still in a lot of pain :( I hope you feel better very soon!

  2. They all looks so gorgeous Debby, I wouldnt know which to pick as the best!

  3. YAY how nice your day was made with a GF visit. Love the Hexies. Yes, the pain comment is a usual one around our house too...isn't climbing the age ladder Grand?

  4. I agree - all the hexies look wonderful - not sure I would have the patience for these. Hope you are feeling better xx

  5. your blocks are so pretty...I am jealous!!! good , steady work...

    Yes, my girl friends are the best too and nothing is quit as good as a belly laugh or two with them!!!