Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hexie Quilt Along

 This gal is ready to be added to the quilt
 I should be able to finish this one off today.
 Then it's on to this baggy for the next block
 It took forever to attach the first block of the second roll to the quilt top. Sure hope it will go a little faster next go round.
Pepper steak from the crock pot.

Another week of progress on my "Grandmothers Flower Garden" quilt. I had no idea how hard it would be to start adding the second roll of blocks onto the first, I must be doing something wrong :( This quilt is the perfect project for me right now, slow, steady and relaxing no walking or standing required.

I have joined in with Julia for her "Make Do" challenge, check out her button on the top right corner of this blog. I so needed a partner in using up the excessive amount of fabric I have in my stash, join in if you too would like to Make Do. My exceptions to Making Do are; thread and batting, both of which I am getting low on. DD#2 has agreed to do my shopping for both so I won't be tempted to buy even more if I were to walk in the store. She also will be running to the quilting store to show my block of the month and pick up the next block, that will be a savings of at LEAST $100.00 I know they have been receiving new shipments of fabric that I can't go near!!!!

While DD#2 and hubby have been real troopers in the kitchen and around the house I couldn't stand to stay away from cooking Saturday. Knowing that not following Dr orders will only sit me back more weeks I worked out my plan on paper first so I would be making the least amount of steps possible. My deceased MIL pepper steak recipe is for using the stove top but I tried it out in the crock pot, figured the worst that could happen was we would be eating PBJ sandwiches if I made a mess of things. It turned out wonderful, it will from here on out be cooked in the crock pot, so darn easy!! DD#2 took over the kitchen yesterday and put together a fruity chicken crock pot dish, hubby and DD loved it, seemed a little tangy to me but that might just be my bad attitude over giving up my  beloved kitchen! Ha I expect we will be having lots more crock pot adventures in the future.

DD#2 was funny as she was putting the meal together for the crock pot, she was all set with paper and pencil to start her list for the grocery store, I assured her we would have whatever she needed on hand. She was pretty impressed as she was lining everything up and I told her where each ingredient was located. When she finished the task and sat down to watch some Olympic games she told me it was pretty neat to cook in a house that was more like a grocery store. HA my DD thinks I'm NEAT!!! Well at least she thinks my pantry is neat.


  1. Sounds like you are the woman with a plan....and it worked. How nice to have a bit of help around though and that you could direct it so efficiently. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  2. Love my Slow Cooker. When you are up and at it again Debby would love your MIL recipe! Can't wait to see that Hexie quilt completed.

  3. Super sorted as ever lol! I am loving that new quilt - it is going to be lovely. xx

  4. I love my slow cooker too but my pantry is never that stocked :) We all have a lot to learn from you!!