Friday, August 24, 2012


 This leftover fabric from a recent quilt was in one of the numerous "Figure out what to do with" piles.
 Why not a few mug rugs.
 I'm up to 5 mug rugs so far with 3 more at the sewing machine to finish up tomorrow.
Every single thing is made from leftovers. The pile in my sewing room is a little bit smaller after tonight's sewing.

I knew after having Kara today I wouldn't feel like taking on a big project tonight. This morning before she arrived I pulled out this little pile of leftovers from the quilt I made a few weeks back. Should I do mug rugs or zippy wallets? I decided to go with mug rugs, but I do have a few small pieces leftover that I will use to make a zippy wallet or two tomorrow morning. Then it's on to house CLEANING!!

While hubby has been gone the past two weeks I have let the housework slip. Enough said! HA Once I get the house back in order its on to sandwiching and pinning a quilt to work on next week. I would LOVE to get all the quilt tops that are waiting in the wings quilted before I start on anything new. Since I can't jump up and down from the sewing machine to the ironing board this seems like a good time to get back on top of the quilting. I really need to clear the decks around this place so I can get started on sewing Christmas gifts. Soon, very soon.

Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Those are just darling- I can't believe how quickly you piece things! Good luck with the housework-when you are done there feel free to swing by my house- xxo Diana

  2. Pfft housework...I feel like I am eons behind on that stuff again. Is the boot well enough yet for you to be doing Housework? Love the Mug Rugs from the leftovers. Sounds like you will be enjoying part of the day when you get back to those quilts.

  3. Very cute-yep, we gotta work on that stuff in the wings. Unfortunate I am not a great free motion quilter, so I occasionally still am sending stuff out.

  4. You have been very industrious with very cute results!