Thursday, August 23, 2012

UFO and Stocking Up

 Here is the MOST aggravating, made me crazy UFO I have ever done. I bought this as a kit with fabric and pattern included, the pattern was ridiculously hard to understand and I ran out of fabric so I had to piece scraps to finish it. I have 2 more of the panels to do before Christmas. I will use my own fabric from my sale stash to save some $$. Now that I know how it should go together the next two will be much easier using better piecing options and not running out of fabric, grr I had some "Make Do" on this quilt top. The pattern called for (18) 3 1/2 inch buttons. The buttons run $3.99 @ that would have added $72.00 to the cost, no way no how!! Instead I made up yoyo's in place of the buttons. The yoyo's were just pinned on in this photo, I did get them lined up much better when I stitched them on last night!! Ha   DD#1 and #2 both think the quilt is not big enough. It turned out 45x62 so I might add an additional border around it. SOOOO glad to have this one finished!
 Couldn't go a day without making a granny square or
 Two, or
Stocking up at the 1/2 price sale.

Not sure I will get much if any sewing done today as getting the house back in order and grocery shopping took up so much of my day today. In addition I have Kara this afternoon so NOTHING will get done while she is here other than some song singing, dancing, and mess making.

This week beef was on sale for 1/2 price so I stocked up. With beef and chicken prices as low as they are right now and predicted to drastically rise in price this fall and winter maybe even longer it's time to do some major stocking up. We get our ground beef from a local farmer in the winter, his cattle are all grass feed so his price won't be going up too much. We don't like the steaks, roasts and such from his beef, it is just too tough for our tastes. I do however get all of the bones from the entire steer since the other family that purchases the other 1/2  isn't interested in making beef broth.

Two weeks ago chicken was on sale 1/2 off. I loaded up on that as well. Once I get all the beef vacuumed packed and check what I have on hand I have enough time to get back to the store and purchase more if need be. Are any of you stocking up on meats while the prices are so low due to the drought in the mid west? My goal is to have 6 months to a year of meat put back to help curb the higher costs on all food that is expected soon. 

Here is what I paid. Regular price of Beef roast was $4.99 a pound sale price $2.47 pound. Steak $19.99 pound sale price $9.99 pound ( we like the expensive cut) They were just about giving away the ground beef so I picked some of that up as well, regular price $4.29 pound, sale price $1.97 a pound.

Off to seal as much of the meat as I can before busy body Kara arrives. If I have any energy left at the end of the day I pulled out a few scraps from a quilt I made I want to use up on something little. Maybe some blog candy later in the week, yeepee.


  1. This is absolutely amazing!! All these details...And nice deals on meat!

  2. OMGosh- That first piece looks complicated. What a job packing all that meat up. I hope you have a good night, Debby! xo Diana

  3. Great deal!! I'd like to stock up like this as well, but there hasn't been any good sales lately. Odd that the grass fed steaks are tough...I buy grass fed steak & can pull it apart with my fork! Yummy!!