Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UFO and More Stocking Up

 Today was the last day of the beef sale. I decided after checking what we had in the freezer it wouldn't hurt to add more ground beef and beef roasts. It's hard to see the top shelf with the light on, that shelf holds beef roasts. steaks, and beef broth, it is full to the brim!! FYI we are down to 16 pounds of stick butter, come this fall I will stock up again. In our area the best time to stock up on baking goods and butter is late fall just in time for the holiday's. Having some buffer $$ put back helps us stock up on these things without breaking the bank right before Christmas. The after Christmas sales are usually super duper good as well. I picked up  10 pounds of vanilla and chocolate melt after Christmas last year for $0.25 cent a pound, I think it runs close to $3.00 a pound regular price. Yes it stores just fine!!
 The latest "Quilt of Valor" is ready to be put back for donating to our Veterans!!! Love the strip binding fabric, I do the binding on the machine so it will hold up better in the industrial washer and dryers that might be used if the Veteran is in the hospital.
 The back using some of the 50% to 70% off fabric. BTW, I DON"T use cheap fabric on quilts. I only use the good stuff but why pay full price when if I wait just a few month's it will be on sale. 
 I stuck with straight line quilting on this one. Straight line quilting is MUCH faster than free motion and seems to be a little more masculine to me.
 One of these days I am going to make a USA quilt for us!
Next project is cut out and ready to rock. After finishing the quilt I wanted to work on something that is small and quick to finish. Can we say Christmas gifts? There is an additional gift I want to put with these but I don't have the supplies on hand. I'm waiting for a good sale to pick up what I need.

Cleaning out of UFO's continues. I am no where near the end of the list and pile but some progress is better than none. I am itching to work on some new things. Patience is not a virtue of mine!!! My foot/feet continue to improve each day but I am not ready to go backwards standing on my feet ironing seams for piecework so UFO's will continue for an additional week or two. 

The crock pot is once again my best friend today freeing me up to get some of the "to Do's" finished up around here. We are expecting rain this afternoon so I am headed out to do a little Dumpster diving before the fabric bolt cardboard gets wet and is useless. Hubby informed me he didn't have a better way of cutting it up than I am already using :( this is going to continue to be a painfully slow project. One of the good things that is coming out of wrapping fabric's is I am running into lots of small pieces of fabric that needs to be cut up into 2 1/2 inch scraps for Granny squares. Oh how I love making these little quilt blocks.

For all of you in the path of this Hurricane be safe and prepared!!!! Thoughts and prayers to all of you.


  1. You always choose gorgeous fabrics and make wonderful jobs of the quilts. The christmas fabric is simply gorgeous and you could always use some for a rag wreath for christmas!

  2. Hello Debbie,
    I have to echo what Anne has commented here too....wonderful fabrics I just wish I knew where to start to make a quilt....everyone or nearly everyone in blogland seems to know how and they look so fantastic!
    Best find a book to get the know how!!
    Hurricane uhhh scary....hope it doesn't go your way!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful ... I do say, Debby, you are becoming quite the "Dumpster Queen" ! LOL ... be kind to that foot woman, or you will be on UFO duty longer then you plan.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilts!!! Look at that freezer!! Awesome!! :) Meat has been soo expensive here lately, I can't seem to find many sales at all! :(

  5. This freezer is pretty full! Nice job on finding some good deals on meat! And I can't wait to see your Christmas projects.