Monday, August 20, 2012

Hexie's and Making do

 I didn't do so well on hexies this past week. I need England to have another BIG event so I have something worth watching on TV at night so I can sit still!! I loved getting to see around the country during the Olympics. England is one of the places I so hope to visit someday!!! 
 Another Granny square
 Love the blue and red together, so sweet
 This one is too busy for my taste but it's all about making do and using it up for this quilt. Much of the fabric is the same in the blocks. I hope that by changing up the position of the fabrics they will look different enough to use on the same quilt. If not I might be making 2 quilts, what the heck it's all scraps!!
 Way back in March I made a table runner for a GF Birthday using Strawberry Fields and this pattern along with a charm pack. I liked it so much I squirreled away the pattern and leftover charm squares to make one for myself. After adding a few more 5 inch squares I came up with enough to get the center done. "Making DO"
 The side sashing should have been charm squares cut in 1/2 but I had scraps from the quilt I made for myself that I decided to "Make Do" with them.
 Leftover backing from my quilt worked just fine once I pieced it to use as the backing for the table runner.
 What the heck I pieced some small pieces of batting as well. More "Making Do"
Ta Da!
Even the binding was leftover from my quilt, I just added a little more to it.

While my hexies were a pretty big failure this past week I do believe I rocked the "Making Do" challenge. How stinkin cute is this table runner made ALL from leftovers. Not only is the table runner a "Make Do" project it was also in my pile of UFO's, two birds with one stone!! I know it's tacky to brag but bear with me while I am tacky just for today!!! OK?

I took a shower today...even got dressed!!

Then it was time to hit the road for some spending. I am all about this making do and cleaning out UFO's while I am laid up with this bum foot however I needed to get fabric for DD#1 Birthday quilt. I sooo need to get started on her quilt as her Birthday is September 9th, it's right around the corner! I had purchased fabric for a nice large picnic quilt for her back in the winter when it was on the 50% off clearance (so cute) however after she saw DD#3 minky quilt I made her for her Birthday DD#1 wanted a minky as well, grrr What we do for our kiddo's right? I do so well saving money and being frugal until it comes to our girls and grands, then the flood gates open.

I used a kit for DD#3 minky quilt which was quick and easy, the price was pretty good as well. No such luck for DD#1. I couldn't find any kits that were "Her" so I will be making up and cutting out as I go. If you have ever worked with minky fabric you know what a fussy mess it can be. I will be cutting up 5 yards of the stuff. I plan on waiting until hubby is back in town and have him set up a table out back for me to do the cutting. If the weather is right I want to do the sewing outside as well. I used this site's tutorial for making the last one, check it out. I used her spray adhesive method which was a pain to set up in the family room so I didn't get spray glue all over the place, outside will work much better!!!

Off to watch some trashy TV with DD#2 and make my plan of attack for the next UFO!! While I don't want to be off my feet much longer it really is keeping me focused on the UFO's that have piled up this past year (well maybe longer)


  1. That runner looks great. I hear you-it is easier to work on something when there is a good program in the background. Good luck working with the minky fabric and enjoy your trashy TV~ lol xo Diana

  2. I can't believe you just said that you didn't do well with something??Looking at all the granny squares you made and all the UFOs you finished I think it's OK that you didn't make that many hexies :)

  3. HI Debby, well there will soon be the paralympics starting soon here! Hope you do manage to get over to England to visit sometime, its a lovely place, there are some very beautiful places here.
    As always your quilting is gorgeous!

  4. Showered & dressed? all in the same day? LOL The Crabby Cabbie LOVES the table topper, thanks again, Debby xx. I do so love your leftover table runner so nice. Enjoy your day, I am running too much again, dang it all, this week