Monday, August 13, 2012

Full Weekend

 Our favorite way to eat zucchini
 Finally got around to making a bag for our onions and getting them cleaned up to store
 Crazy huge crowd on Sunday for the Romney/Ryan rally
 Paul Ryan
 Then Mitt Romney
They have a pretty nice set of wheels to tour the country in.

I kept up with hubby the best I could over the weekend!!! Normally I am the leader of the pack on what we are doing, when and where but with these bum feet hubby has taken over.

Saturday after having breakfast with some friends we picked up one of my GF's for hubby to take us target shooting. I am SOOOOO not into the gun thing, it is just not my cup of tea. Hubby insists that all ladies need to learn to shot so they can defend themselves, hitting 911 on the phone is much more my style. As much as I HATE the idea of shooting a gun I must say I am a really good shot, must be a skill I have picked up from threading needles. You have to have a good eye to get that thread through that little hole in the needle you know. My GF is really into it, she gets down in the attack stance and fires away, she was even brave enough to shoot hubby's BIG boy gun. As soon as I shot my 10 rounds I was done and back in the lobby watching them from the observation window. I was amazed at how many woman were at the range, just as many woman as men..

Sunday morning we left the house at 7:00 AM to attend the Romney/Ryan rally along with a GF. Another GF let me borrow her Mom's walker with a built in seat so I could make it through the morning, what a life saver!!!! There were thousands that showed up, we were able to get about 1/2 way up to the podium after hours of waiting outside and getting through the security checks. While watching the news last night hubby was on one of the newscast video's waiting in line. So funny our DD's were burning up the phone lines calling to let us know they just say their Daddy on TV!! I could have never attended without the walker and the nice seat that was attached to it, I now know what to buy for my old age. The rally ate up most of the day with the wait to get in, the rally itself and 3 hours of waiting afterwards because of all the traffic. The news reported that 3,000 were in the rally with twice that many outside that couldn't get in, what a mess. There were so many people attending and ones that couldn't get in the highways were backed up for miles, what a mess, thankfully we know all of the back country roads or we might still be waiting in a traffic jam.

Off to help hubby pack up for a trip north then on to a little tidy up session in my scrap/sewing room. He took me down to the quilt store over the weekend to get my block of the month, I did so well on spending!!! I only bought quilting needles so I can start practicing hand quilting while I am grounded to the couch. He has the sewing machine set up on the kitchen table for me so I can quilt another quilt this week and possibly finish a UFO. He is a GOD MAN.

Back later today/tonight to update the "Grandmothers Flower Garden" quilt, lots to show!!!


  1. Debby- It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the rally in spite of the mess. Paul Ryan is a local boy for us! He is a good man-just what he appears to unusual in the political world, huh?

    Remind me to put on my bullet proof vest before visiting you- especially if I show up after dark- xo Diana

  2. When I was little my Dad used to take me target shooting out at the town dump; I tried my brother's cross bow once and really got it from having my eye to the scope with the kickback...big ouch. Thank goodness you had a chair or no amt of ice would have brought down the swelling from all that standing !

  3. Sounds like a crazy busy weekend!! I bet you were so grateful for that walker/seat with your poor foot the way it is!! :) Hope the polls turn out in your favour, Debby!!