Wednesday, August 8, 2012

They Grow up to FAST

 Last night we celebrated Tyler's 6th Birthday at a Japanese restaurant with the family.
 The little girls ended up in hubby and my laps as always to share a plate of fried shrimp and carrots.
 After the dinner and the show it was on to a Spiderman cake
 Even after a FULL plate of dinner Tyler had room for some cake.
 The little girls were excited to get started, Karsyn kept yelling "Share, Share" until Mommy dished up a piece for them both.
 They do so love them some cake.
 Mason man even had a little cake, see the blue on his sweet little fingers. Mason was fitted for his helmet yesterday :( we hope he will only need to be in it a month or so.
How could this tiny little thing be a big boy of 6 years old already? Oh to stop time and keep them little.

After our evening of partying with the family last night I am taking it very slow today. Threw a beef roast in the crock pot this morning to do something with for dinner, then it was on to the couch to work on hexie's. I did pull out a UFO to work on this week, maybe I will get a second wind this afternoon to get started on that but for now I am down for the count with needle, thread and ice packs.

DD#2 took me out yesterday looking for good running shoes, what a nightmare. Why don't they make running shoes in a nice conservative plain white? Everything we saw was in crazy bright neon colors with splashes of even more neon colors. They all had reflector fabric for running at night, ya like I plan on doing anything at night other than sitting with a good book. Of course the reflector fabric might come in handy if the lights go out and hubby needs to find me to help me up. Nothing we found would blend nicely with my wardrobe!!!! I did end up settling for the least bright pair we could find but still I hate them. I won't be wearing them until I go to the Dr next week and see if they meet his approval, if not they will be going back!!

I forgot to announce the winner of the Mayberry coffee giveaway!! So here they are  Jodi and Carla be on the lookout for your little prize in the mail soon!!


  1. Have awarded you the 'one lovely blog award' - please only accept if you want to xx

  2. LOL, Debby- I want to see you with those reflective neon shoes on...and make sure you wear one of those form fitting biker outfits to go with it...they are SOOOO attractive on most folks!;>)

    What a wonderful party for your little guy. I have a Tyler in my family too. That last picture of him as a baby is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen. xo Diana

  3. Congrats Jody & Carla on something great going into the mail for you from Debby ! Yes they grow way too fast. I must have missed the post on Mason Man being fitted for a Helmet? Can't wait to see your new glow in the dark booties ... yes I agree can't they just have a couple normal coloured runners? Enjoy working on your UFO

  4. Looks like a wonderful celebration, Debby!! :) I must have missed a post about Mason as well... I'll add him to my prayers. Thanks Sssooooo much fr the coffee beans!! After my week, what a treat! You're the best!!! (((hugs)))