Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nap time I hope!

This is one of my finds on my girl getaway.
 The serving plate was $20.00, the bowl, $15.00. They will look so nice on the table for whatever shower I host in the future.
 The glasses were $15.00 a set. The best part is everything was made by a local artist. She also had a cake plate with a dome I wanted but it will have to wait until my next trip.
 I couldn't pass up this unique pillow.
 The front is made from roll after roll of prairie points, it even has a zipper closure so I can wash it after too much loving! Cost $25.00, considering all the fabric that went into this pillow it was dirt cheap. This was also made by a local lady.
 First off this morning was to get the grands playroom loaded back up with all their toys and equipment before Kara arrived for the day. The carpets are fresh and clean, for today at least. DD#2 jumped right in and did most of the work.  :)
 My scrap/sewing room carpet also received a good cleaning.
Putting it all back together will be a job for another day. DD#2 got busy on the bedrooms so they too are back in working order!! Sure is nice having a helping hand around the place.

Kara should be taking her nap right now but I hear lots of jabbering coming from the other room so I will make this fast.

I hit the grocery as soon as we had things back in place this morning after having the carpets cleaned yesterday. Making my way around the grocery was a pain in all parts of my body, grrrr Once again DD#2 came to the rescue and brought it all in for me. I could get use to having an extra pair of hands around the place and a working pair of young feet is super cool.

here is the lists of tasks done today
Groceries put away
Repackaged hot dogs 
Repackaged chicken
Packaged more chicken stock/broth
Worked up sweet cherries
Cut up a huge watermelon
Cleaned out refrigerator
Two loads of wash done and folded, hubby will have to take upstairs
Supper for tomorrow in crock pot
As well as keeping up with Kara for the most part


  1. Debby- You really got a lot done. Just think- that playroom will look that good for all of 2 minutes before it doesn't look that way anymore!;>) Ask me how I know that!

    Glad you had someone to pitch in and help you out- Blessings to you- Diana

  2. I am not the only one who has been at the "catch up" lots done by you today. Love your finds, especially the pillow, as I absolutely love those colours. How are you managing with the boot?

  3. love that pillow, the plate is also lovely as well.

    Gill in Canada

  4. Looks like somebody is back on her feet :) I love handmade things from local little stores. They are always so unique!

  5. Wow, can you come and get me and my home organized, too??? Love it all!

  6. Another busy day for you - I will be back posting soon xx