Thursday, August 16, 2012

UFO's and Making Do

 Four more binky's finished. These are all gender neutral for Mommy's who want to wait to see at birth what they are getting.
 In addition I finished four more little boy binky's in blue and bright green. That's the last of the pile of binky's I had cut out, ya me!!
 Got my blocks of the month done and put in my car for the next trip to the quilt shop. It felt good to do a little piecing for a change.
 UFO completed!!!! I had pieced two of these last Christmas but wasn't able to finish them up. Two more projects are out of the pile of need to finish up things.
 Love the backing, I think this is Sweetwater fabric, it's been so long I have forgotten.
 I did a little Make Do on the second tree skirt. I didn't want to cut into a bigger piece of batting so I just layered a small piece in. Worked just fine.
 While I was at it and before I ask DD#2 to return the batting to my scrap/sewing room I went ahead and pieced more batting to use in the future. Saves me money and time for the next project.
How exciting to work my way through a few more things sitting around in my "Room of Sin" I added the ties and binding to the top opening this AM on the second tree skirt. Just need to hand sew the binding to the back next round of feet ice therapy.

Happy, happy, joy, joy to work my way through so may UFO's in the past two days. Yesterday afternoon I took time off to play with the Little girls who visited for a few hours, wheee they are crazy busy beavers. Karsyn hung out with me the rest of the afternoon while Mommy and Mason man went to have Mason's helmet decorated. As much as I love the little girls to pieces I was ready for Karsyn to return home after 4 hours!!

Dr appointment went well today. Stuck in this boot another 4 weeks and he added a nighttime boot, BOOO. Also got shoe inserts for my right foot, if the inserts don't work it will be boots on both feet and a wheelchair if things don't clear up in 4 weeks. I just got new wheels (car) last month can't see getting a new set of wheels!!!

Check out Debbie over at Happy Little Cottage today as see what she has done with her Granny block (maybe it's a great granny block) I have been itching to make a granny block for so long I can stand it no longer!!!! I have lots of 2 1/2 inch squares cut out in my stash so that's one step I won't have to do. I am sure I can stand at the ironing board long enough to a least give one block a try. Debbie has soooo much over the top cuteness on her blog that you better make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and be ready to visit for awhile!!


  1. VERY Nice...have the tree skirt pattern ready to cut but I am doing it in brights, I think. have been trying to do a top a day or the equivalent, but now its time to actually quilt, lol

  2. Holy UFO's done ! Sure hope you don't have to dbl boot it, Debby. One set of new wheels per Year should be enough?

  3. love that tree skirt! You are smart to just piece that batting for it.

    so sorry about your foot problems, but you don't seem nearly as slowed down as I would be. Hope you are better soon, a wheelchair does not sound like a good thing at all.

  4. I love the tree skirt, you are very talented! It will look absolutely beautiful.

  5. Look at you!! You are awesome as usual. My UFOs are only piling up right now...