Monday, August 27, 2012

Odd's and End's

 More fabric,YIKES!! A friend picked up this bolt of fabric at an estate sale then decided she would never use it so she passed it on to me. Total yardage left on the bolt is 10 1/2 yards, this will be used on the back of a couple of quilts someday.
 The fabric is a nice medium yellow strip. I will find lots of good uses for this!
 One of the many "To Do's" in the sewing room is this pile of college tee shirts from DD#1. I won't be getting to this tee shirt quilt for awhile but I did at least cut them up over the weekend to reduce the bulk I need to continue to store.
 Left pile of tee shirt material is headed to the trash, right pile is what will go into the tee shirt quilt. DD#1 would like this quilt for her Birthday this year, (ain't happening) or maybe for Christmas (nope ain't happening) I already have the fabric for her Birthday quilt, Christmas quilt blocks for all the DD's are sitting around waiting for me to work up into a quilt so the cut up tee's will be neatly stored for another time.
 DD#1 borrowed this bounce house from a neighbor yesterday for the grands to play in during Sunday dinner. While I did make the sides and bring the meat for our cookout the mess was left at DD's home. I am determined to keep the house clean for as long as I can!  Love this picture of Karsyn diving in! Ha
 Needless to say I'm sure the little girls slept good last night.
Another "Quilt of Valor" is on the machine this morning for some straight line quilting. The pile of quilt tops is slowly being reduced.

Where did the weekend go? Oh ya, I remember now, it was spent cleaning house and doing more organizing of fabric. I still have the downstairs floors to mop today before I can consider the place back to normal but it feels GREAT to have been able to do the cleaning the way I wanted it done for a change!!! I know hubby and DD#2 feel the same way, ha Both have headed off to work this morning so I am left alone for a few hours to make my plan of attack for the week.

First on the "To Do" list is finish the quilting on the quilt shown above. Lot's and lot's of more fabric wrapping  is still to be done, it's a slow process to cut down all the bolts before I can even get to the wrapping. I am going to show hubby my process with the hopes he has some sort of power tool that would work better than a box cutter, who knows maybe he will want to take over the cutting of boxes himself. I pulled out 2 additional UFO's to knock out this week. One should be a straight forward just knock it out deal the other is taking a pile of leftovers and working them up into something. I am thinking a table runner or  possibly a pillow or two. I think I am very close to having enough "Granny Squares"  made for a nice size lap/twin size quilt, need to count the pile and come up with a plan for that quilt.

There will be no hexie update this week as I have not done a single thing all week on them :( I am giving myself a pass on the hexies from the past week as I was able to knock out SO many other things that were piled up waiting on some TLC. I might be able to get back to hexies in the evenings while watching the RNC this week followed by the DNC next week.

Here is something I did over the weekend with some GF's that I haven't done in years. We loaded up our bedspreads, comforters and such then had a field trip to the laundromat. I know all you other ladies are thinking, that debby has the life I have always dreamed of, going to such exotic places. We really did have a good time reminiscing about old times when none of us had our own washer and dryer. One GF in particular had us laughing so hard I thought we would get kicked out sharing what it was like as a single lady in California doing her wash with other singles. Who knew the laundry mat could be a pick up place.   Holy Moley the cost of washing one load was $3.00!! The dryer ran an additional $.25 for 6 minutes. A family could very easily spend $20.00 a week washing clothes. While I could have washed our king size bed quilt and mattress pad in the washer at home I am always afraid I am going to overload it from putting in such large things. Nothing like hearing the thumping coming out of the laundry room only to see the washer is trying to walk out the door.

Enough about my exciting weekend of cleaning and laundry, time to hop in the shower, do a little quilting then head over to DD#1 home to watch the babies. Tyler will be starting Kindergarten on Thursday :(  Mommy needs to take him in for his pre testing today. While it is much more convenient to have Mommy bring the little ones to me it will be nice not having to clean MY house once they leave! Then Hubby wants to meet for lunch out. It's looking to be a go, go, go, day the crock pot will be once again put to good use for supper tonight.

What are your plans for this last week of August? How can it be that fall is almost her, Christmas is right around the corner!!!


  1. Hi Debby, you have been very busy as usual. Love the bouncy house, I remember hiring one for our back garden when my kids were little and when they had gone to bed my then husband and I blew it up and had a bounce on it. It was great fun!
    I quite like the fact that autumn is around the corner, spring and autumn are my favourite seasons.There is so much to look forward to.X

  2. nice friend to give you that wonderful bolt of fabric. I'm sure your grandkids had a grand time and deep sleep! Oh, and perish that last thought you had about Christmas right around the corner! Arghghg!

  3. Wow what a fantastic score for you from your GF, Debby! Those grands probably never wanted that bouncy house to leave your property? Yes you lead a life of excitement my dear; my washer too has tried to escape out the back door a few times.

  4. What an awesome bounce house!! I bet kids had a blast! My Kid starts kindergarten next Tuesday and has an assessment tomorrow. I have some bitter-sweet feelings about it but he's beyond excited!!

  5. I may be making a graduation tshirt quilt...have not made one before..what stabilizer do you use?