Friday, August 17, 2012

UFO Progress

 I finished the quilting, trimming and squared up this "Quilt of Valor" today, now on to the binding and she is ready to hang on the clothesline!! One more UFO bites the dust.
 Took a little time to make up a few granny squares this morning before Kara arrived for the day.
 All cut out and ready for what I hope will be a super cute scrappy quilt.
I am going to consider these blocks as Make Do blocks, everything is from scraps.

The little girls washing down walls in their kitchen yesterday.

It has been a very, very, long day. I had Kara for a full day today, she was non stop running around and getting into everything and no nap. :(   I made the mistake of getting up way too early to try my hand at a granny square. Note to self, always sleep as long as you can when you have the little girls around. After she left this evening I sat at the machine with an ice pack on my foot to finish up quilting another "Quilt of Valor"  One more UFO completed!!

I loved making the granny square blocks, fast easy and full of cuteness. Check out Jolene's blog for a great tutorial on making one of these blocks. Tonight I am resting my feet in ice packs sorting through my piles of 2 1/2 inch squares to make a few more this weekend. Looking forward to a restful 2 days of sewing, napping and eating from the freezer meals we have put back. Hubby and DD#2 are both out of town so I am flying solo!! Did I mention a nap! Ha

Have a great weekend and do something nice for yourself!!!!


  1. Oh-what cute blocks and what cute little girls. I know what you mean- those kids can just wear you out, can't they? Blessings- and happy weekend- xo Diana

  2. Why do they stop that nap stage at such an early age. I am sure my boys napped in the afternoon when they were still 4 years old. Lucky me I suppose. Take your sleep when you can get it next time before the little girls arrive, Debby. Hoping that foot is healing for you?

  3. Love the quilt of valor, and your granny squares. Just looking at your two gd makes me tired! I hope your foot doesn't suffer too much! And good for you, two days OFF! Ha!

  4. Love the granny squares. Sleep when you can. AS a 20 year family day care provider, I am going to suggest that you implement afternoon quiet time for your girls. It may take awhile but if you are consistent you will get there. No nap, but for at least an hour they must stay in one place and do quiet things-a puzzlie in their lap, a book, toys they can play with on the couch while music or a quiet tv show is on. It will work eventually. present it that if they can sit for an hour, they will get a special deal afterwards.

  5. Beautiful granny squares, Debby!! These are on my "to do" list as well! I love the fabric you're using, the quilt is going to be so bright & fun when it's done!! I can't wait to see it! :)