Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shrinking Packages and UFO

 Have you noticed not only have grocery prices have gone up but that the packages have been shrinking? Here is a good example, as I was restocking the kitchen pantry today I noticed that spaghetti sauce now has 8 ounces less than before but the price is even higher.Another GREAT reason to get in on the sales and use coupons when you can to stock up.
 I got these photo's out of order :( Not only is the front of the Christmas kitchen towels super cute, the back turns out nice as well.
 6 Christmas towels will be added to the gift closet today. I should have layed one out so you could see how cute the prairie points turned out. This is not only a UFO but a "Make Do" project as well. The red and black fabric are from my way to large stash.
 The towel doesn't show up very well on my stove, trust me they are cute, and so quick and easy to make. I used  Darlene Zimmerman  "Fresh from the Clothesline" book. Check this book out, it is full of wonderful eye candy with great instructions.
 A nice pile of Granny Square blocks have formed.
More than enough to begin piecing a large quilt. I have them spread out on a spare bedroom queen size bed. After studying it on the bed for awhile I am going to add one more vertical roll so it will be plenty big enough for a queen size bed once I add sashing and a border. LOVE THIS!!

Quicky post today as I have a pounding head. Time to take some meds and see if a nap will knock this mess out. Supper is chicken and dumplings tonight. The chicken is on to stew so finishing dinner will be a no brainer.

Thoughts and prayers continue for those in the path of the hurricane, STAY SAFE!!!!


  1. I noticed it too! Especially with spaghetti sauce and cereal! I love love love these cute Xmas towels.

  2. Snowmen ! Do love me some snowmen, just not the snow to go along with them.. I hope the meds/nap knock that headache out of you. Low pressure ceiling?

  3. I love your Granny square blocks. Are these made up of two-inch squares?
    Groceries have gotten so high! I was having a difficult time cooking for just one and started buying a lot of single serve items, but stopped that real fast. Now I'm trying to make things mostly from scratch and freeze in single serving sizes.

  4. Love, love the towels. Since I am experimenting, are they just the cotton or do they have a backing. I guess im asking is the cotton absorbant enough after washing (am I making ANY sense at all?)

  5. Yes-I have noticed how grocery items get smaller and prices get bigger. Look at your quilt!!!!! xo Diana Hope your head feels better soon-

  6. Barb - The towels are made from 100% cotton, I do pre-wash the fabric before making them up. Not sure how absorbent they are, I never end up keeping one for myself HA

    Rose - Yes the granny block is made with 2 1/2 in squares. I have a link for the tutorial on a post a week or so back. GREAT way to use up some scraps

  7. Oh Debby!!! That granny square quilt is going to be sooo beautiful! I love the towels too!! Do you fold the fabric in the bottom to get that edge?? You're so talented & gifted!!

  8. Carla - yes the bottom edge is done with prarie points, super easy to do.

  9. You have so many wonderful projects going!!! Love your Christmas towels with the prairie points....your Christmas box must be overflowing. Thanks for playing along with us at Christmas Through The Year.