Friday, October 19, 2012

A Nap Please

 I want a waterfall just like this one in our back yard. Even hubby agreed it would be nice to have and not too much trouble to build.  I think I will print this picture out and put it on the refregerator when we get home so he will be reminded often of how cool it would be to sit by a little waterfall.
 Our trip through the Smokies had so much cloud cover you couldn't see the mountains. Perfect weather for sleeping but hubby likes to rock out on road trips and I forgot my ear plugs.
The mountains were beautiful with all the fall colors. When we stoped for lunch at the exit we take to cabins in the Smokies, we both agreed a weekend in the Mts would be so much more fun but we carried on to our destination.
I planned on getting some great pictures while driving through the Smokies but sticking your head out the window to take a photo at 75 miles an hour is not something I would suggest. Wonder why dogs like it so much?
We arrived safe and sound yesterday and before dark thankfully as the city has changed so much we didn't know our way around. The boys got together just in time for happy hour (of course and free I might add) so it was up to me to do the driving for dinner last night. We drove over in hubby's pick up truck to save from putting mileage on my car (need to extend that warranty as long as we can) you need a step ladder to get in hubby's truck. I have never driven the thing and had no initiations of starting last night so I used one of the other fella's cars and off we went.
We found a German restaurant that was unbelievable!!!! My sister had taken us to a German restaurant for my birthday this year that was wonderful even if it was a drive to get there but the place here was even better. We are VERY good eaters but we could only finish 1/2 the platters that they brought out. Guess whats for supper tonight? Our room has a small separate living room/kitchen area with a microwave, we will be eating in! Ha
We didn't get to bed last night until 1:00 AM our time after visiting with friends, switched our watches back one hour for the local time before we hit the sack. DD#1 called at 6:00 AM to tell us Mason man has now learned to say Papaw, are you kidding me!! As always I woke up with the hangover this morning from drinking water all night, hubby is as frisky as a colt in the fields, grrrr
I will be taking a nap at some point today!!!! We have a few people to meet this morning then lunch out with one of hubby's deceased Mom's best friends before the mixer tonight. A trip to the grocery is also in order as I refuse to pay the prices for a meal here at the hotel. anyone interested in a steak for $35.00, bake potato for $6.95, side of a veggie $6.95 and side salad at $7.95. Those prices are toooo steep for me!!!
My turn in the shower so we can get to breakfast and on our way for the day. Hope the shower will clean the cobwebs from my brain!!!


  1. hope you have a good time
    never been to a class reunion and have no plans to go either. I think my husband went to 1.

  2. I am exhausted reading all the mileage you have put on yourself since arriving. And really, what is up with those "water hangovers"? Way to go Mason Man ! I behind you all the way, they can keep those $35.00 steaks as well as their a la carte prices. Have fun & hope you got your nap in.

  3. oh you lucky duck I adore the Smokies......


  4. Sounds like you're having a good time! I can't believe those restaurant prices!!! *FAINT*