Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Miss Karsyn had a great time at her Birthday party Sunday. She loves to get dressed up "Pretty"
 Mom hosted the party at "Children's Discovery Place" here in town, they did a wonderful job keeping the kiddo's entertained. Kara's favorite part was playing in what I call the hamster cage.
 Our little girls are growing up so fast :(
 Mommy did such a cute job with the decorations. The party theme was Bubble Guppy's. Maybe if I watched TV I would have a clue as to what the heck that is.
Yesterday's top to bottom cleaning was the guest bathroom. I inhaled so much Pinesole I can still taste it, yuk!

What a difference a day makes. Sunday we were running around in sleeveless shirts and capri's, today its winter clothes!! Our temperature right now is 41 degree's with a cold brisk wind, burrrr The Carolina mountains have 10 inches of snow with lots more to come. I am glad our girls have all graduated from Appalachian, no more worries of if they will make it home for the weekend due to snow!!

The cold front blew in last night, chicken and dumplings with a fire in the wood stove was a nice change of pace!! I decided to hit the kitchen today for the top to bottom clean up and out. On a cold day like today nothing feels better than to be in the kitchen even if it is spending the day cleaning my little heart out. I have today and tomorrow to finish up the challenge of cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. The kitchen, laundry room and an additional spare bedroom is still left to go. I might not make the challenge but I am a heck of a lot farther along than I was on October 1st. Until it is all finished I won't be spending any time at the sewing machine, I sew miss it!!!

I meet a friend for a nice long visit over breakfast this morning, so good to get caught up! As we were having a nice chat after we were done eating I caught myself stacking up the cream containers. What the heck!!! I apologized and explained that to entertain the grands we play a game of stacking the cream or jelly packs then counting them as the little ones put them back in the basket. You know you are spending too much of your time with toddlers when out of habit you begin playing those sort of games with a grown A... adult friend. My friend just laughed, she had just returned home after 3 weeks helping out with her own 2 granddaughters, she understood. 

Off for the kitchen clean out with hopes of maybe being able to move on to the laundry room before the day is done. It will be so nice to go into the Holiday's with a super clean house!!!


  1. The party looks great!! :) My girls like bubble guppies too...lol! It's a cute show.. :) I need to work on housework as wll! If I can tear myself away from CNN! :(

  2. What a fun party!! it's funny, I stack milk containers too:) Now I know why!

  3. Your little ones are just adorable. I so hear you about stacking those things. One time my girlfriend and I went out for coffee...after spending days alone with our kids. When I was done I put my cup down and said "All Done"...then we realized what I had said and laughed like crazy.

    It is cold here today, too. Blessings - xo Diana

  4. never heard of bubble guppies myself!!! Lot cooler up here as well.


  5. Its quite chilly here in Uk but we dont get the variations in temperature or the severe snow conditions that you get. I love it that you get proper seasons weather!!
    Glad the little one had a lovely birthday, its amazing how quickly they grow up>

  6. Love seeing those Grands have a great time at their B/D parties. I have just not gotten to the place of "deep" when it comes to the cleaning end of things, but hopefully soon. Thank God for those friends who understand !!!