Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Quilt

 After getting all the block's completed and laid out I moved on with what to do with the leftovers from the Jelly Roll.
 I made strip sets then cross cut into 2 1/2 inch sets.
 Once all the 2 1/2 sets were stitched together I added an additional 2 1/2 inch border to help hold it all in place.
 Then prayed I would have enough of the scrapy pieces to border the entire quilt.
 The results!! It worked, with very few leftovers.
The quilt is just as I hoped it would be, bright, cheery, fun and a nice lap size 52 x 74!!

I think I will consider this quilt top complete. If I can find yardage from the "Tree Hggers" line I might add and additional border to enlarge it a little more but I don't figure I will have any luck finding fabric that is this old. The Jelly Roll and Charm pack I used were 1/2 the size of regular packs, by adding sashing and borders it turned out the size we like to use for watching TV or taking an afternoon nap. This might be one of my go to patterns for the future, it was sew easy to put together since everything except the sashing was pre-cut.

I didn't get in much sewing time today as it was errand day almost ALL day. Why is it running in and out of places not only gets on my nerves but wears me out? Tomorrow is back to deep cleaning once again. I am thinking DD#2 bathroom will be on the top of the list since she was able to get in her new apartment over the weekend. I would love to also finish up the breakfast room if I have the time before dinner. We have a short week around the house due to traveling on Thursday, gotta make hay while the sun is shining!!

Check out Carla's blog for a great giveaway. I have purchased things in the past from Carla that are not only lovely but sew well made!


  1. This looks awesome! you did a great job( as usual;)

  2. This could also be my new fav quilt, Debby. Love it. I know how much that road running takes time away from everything else. Even my Doctors is 20 minutes away from me, so that almost take my whole Friday morning if he is running behind as usual. *Sigh* to just stay put for a whole month would also suit me fine. Happy deep cleaning!