Monday, October 8, 2012

Party Time

 Here are the results of my Fun Day Saturday. This is a SUPER easy quilt to make. I am trying to find more patterns for easy quilts for the "Quilts of Valor" program to donate this year. For those of you who are new to my blog check out this site to learn more about  the "Quilts of Valor" foundation.
 I LOVE this backing fabric that I found at the after 4th of July sale. All of the fabric in this quilt I have been able to find on sale, the blocks are leftovers from the on point fence rail quilt I did awhile back. It feels so good to finally have something to hang on the clothes line.
 I did simple meandering quilting on this one. When I do charity quilts I machine stitch the binding on. Many times these quilts will be used in a hostital or rehab center. The indrustrial machines will do a number on traditional hand stitched bindings.
 I began the quilting work on an additional quilt Sunday. Loop D Loops seem to be the free motion quilting that comes easiest for me so I went with that. Someday I am going to sit down and try to learn fancier FMQ patterns/stitches, whatever they are called.
 I got as far as attaching the binding after Sunday dinner so I could do the hand stitching while watching trashy TV Sunday night. Double darn (not the real words I said) if I didn't make a mess that I had to rip out. Its all fixed now, I hope to complete it tonight after yet another T-ball game.
 My Birthday is coming up this week. We celebrate the birthday girl/boy with dinner of their choice for Sunday dinner of that week. I am sure I have shared before that eating dinner out with the grands is for hubby and I a complete NIGHTMARE. We never had this problem with our own kiddo's when they were young as we were dirt poor and couldn't afford to eat out. My favorite meal is chicken and dumplings but to make that meal for our crowd takes 4 stock pots full as well as the house is upside down by the time everyone leaves in the evening. I got to thinking if you can't beat them why not join them in what is sure to be a restaurant that is child friendly. The Birthday girl/boy also gets to pick their favorite cake. I went with home made cupcakes, I HATE store bought cakes with a passion. I was really surprised that the restaurant didn't mind at all we had our own cupcakes to bring in.
 Even Mason man got a bite of cupcakes, as you can tell he was please with the taste.
 After dinner the grands had a blast playing all the games and riding the rides.
 Kara liked the cars the best but wanted the mouse to get out.
Yep, Chucky Cheese was the perfect place to have my Birthday party and the price was pretty darn good too. Our total bill was $68.00 for pizza drinks and 90 tokens. I think that's a great deal for dinner and 2 1/2 hours of fun.

Do I know how to party or what!!!! Ha  We kept it a surprise as to where we were eating Sunday dinner, Tyler was over the top happy that the best Nanny in the world wanted to party at Chucky Cheese. The little girls had never been before, what a hoot they were dancing during the shows and enjoying on all the rides. Hubby came home early today with an additional surprise of taking me to dinner at P.F. Chang's. I do believe that home made vegetable soup we were going to have will be just as good tomorrow night as it would have been tonight!!

So whats been going on today? I started doing the deep clean in our room this morning but couldn't get my Mojo going. I had to take back all of my gifts from the kiddos so I switched gears and took off to exchange the bounty. I will never understand why our big girls think that they can buy clothes for me that I can or am willing to wear. I am not funky, hip, young or a size 3, HELLO!!!! I got lucky doing the running around in that we had a cold rainy day so everyone stayed off the roads and at home. I had most of the stores to myself!! I got some great deals on lots of clothes (that I will wear) shopping from the summer clearance racks. One of the pluses of menopause is lightweight sleeveless things work year round, throw a sweater on and your all set!

One of the best finds of all was a dress that will work for hubby's upcoming class reunion. All of my dresses are for summer and look like they are for summer, no dressing up or down would make them appropriate for fall. I do have my two funeral dresses, one for summer the other for fall and winter that I could have accessorized but when I found a dress that is both lightweight, sleeveless and a tiny bit sassy I was sold. No one sent me the e-mail, face book, or tweet that I should have shed that extra 20 pounds I have put on over the past 40 years, duhhhh. I think the new dress will hide the many years of good old southern cooking. (At least I hope)


  1. I agree if you can't beat them, join them.......and with those come great memories.

    Just love your quilts. I am hand sewing on the binding of the baby quilt, have to get it finished by Tuesday night.


  2. Hey!! Where are the pics of you on the rides?!? ;) lol!! Great choice for dinner, you're a great nanny!! $68 is awesome too! Hope you have a fabulous birthday! :) ((hugs))

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all. Happy Birthday.
    Love from Mum

  4. I'm with Carla- where are the pictures of you on the rides?:) And happy upcoming Birthday! By the way, did you really say that this quilt is SUPER easy???Now I feel even more useless...

  5. $68.00 for the whole Famn Damily! Wow that was an awesome deal & a "child" friendly place to boot. Nice you scored a dress for hubby's reunion. I hate shopping for clothes, those little cubicles they call "dressing rooms" are like a hole in the wall you can barely breathe in. Kara really doesn't care for the mouse by the look on her face for sure, and where is Mason Man's helmet gone to? Debby a very very Happy Birthday, for all you do for others & your Family you deserve the Best of the Best! xx