Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Mail

 Look what was delivered to my house today!! Hubby also received a box of who knows what. That man needs to be band from the Internet!!.
 The sweet as can be Cindy sent me a jar of her black bean, corn salsa fresh from her garden along with a cute set of Halloween candles. Thank you so much Cindy!!!!
 Check out this Birthday card I received from another friend.
 How cool is this pop up of gifts on the inside!! Thank you so much Val, you know how much I love your handmade cards.
 Val also sent a camera charm for my bracelet. Love, love, love it!! I haven't seen this charm yet to even put on my wish list. Tonight I will be working on rearranging the beads and charms so I can add to it my bracelet that is filling up fast! Thanks Val, I would have called you but looks like your phone is out once again.
Not much sewing going on again today but I did at least finish my blocks of the month.

Today I am just down right weary.....Do you ever get down and out from doing and doing just to sit back and know the doing ain't nearly done?

 I find myself in that place today. 

First thing this morning I had to make a stop at the tire shop to have a leak repaired in one of my tires. DD#2 used my car along with hubby's truck over the weekend to move into her new apartment. In all the moving from our home, the storage building and her sisters homes she picked up a screw, sigh..... After an hour of waiting I was on the road once again to do some returns of sweaters for the little girls, grocery store, fabric store that I don't like then home to pay bills.

Hubby and I will have to sit down after dinner tonight so I can explain once again to him that he will have to resubmit his expense account with his company. When he charges $2,100.00 on American Express and only submits $1,200.00 to the company guess who has to cover the rest? We have also been charged for the second month for DD#2 storage unit in the amount of $182.00. DD has receipts where she too was hit with the charges. Hubby thankfully is stopping by the storage company to get it all straight in the mean time I have called our credit card and had all charges stopped and the last 2 months charges reversed. Wanta guess how many hours I spent on the phone getting that worked out?

ENOUGH!!! all this fussing won't change a thing. Time to move on. We are having home made chicken noodle soup tonight followed by blueberry muffins for desert. Tonight's snack while watching the debate will be Cindy's salsa and chips. Nothing like digging around in the freezer and dehydrated foods to pull a meal and desert together and change my mood.

Do you ever just get down in the dumps? It doesn't happen often to me and when it does I get so mad at myself. Need to remember to count the blessings to stop the blues!!!!!


  1. Huggss for your Blues, Debby. When you are feeling blue just think that you are never alone. Ha, this is what I try to do sometimes (when I remember to). Salsa is mild, as hubby here doesn't to hot. That little camera is way too cute & what a cool "pop-out" card (someday I might have time to learn to do those cool cards). xx

  2. Ahh, Debby lots of your post is more than enough to get anybody down! I hope you're feeling better!

  3. I'm so sorry you're feeling blue but give yourself a break, you're only human. Here's a (HUG).

    Yes, I get the blues, as well, especially when I feel a bit overwhelmed with life's challenges.

  4. After a day like that, you deserve to be a little blue. Proably after a good rest, you will feel better. Some nice gifts though. Love the camera charm...so cute.
    Praying for a better day for you tomorrow.
    Hey, you got two blocks done...that's a great day.

  5. I hope that the chicken noodle soup lifted the blue devils, it is my go to meal if any of us are out of sync.Best wishes

  6. yes, I am normally cheerful and optimistic but I do get down in the dumps, -see my blog for why this time.
    I have not been blog-hopping and am enjoying catching up with you