Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reload and Recycle

 My first try at making bases for some fake cupcakes was to make Plastic a Paris molds using cupcake holders.
 They worked OK but I didn't make them tall enough. Back to the drawing board :( 
 I have been working on the cupcake tops for the past few nights while watching dumb TV shows
 I have a pretty good batch of them made.
 But as you can see many more will be needed.
 DD# 1 was wanting some scarfs for Karsyn  for the fall and winter she saw on Pinterest. I may sneak over to her house and cut the cable connection, her searches on Pinterest are gonna be the death of me!!! DD#1 also has no concept regarding the cost of fabric and notions. Many times I check out what she forwards on for me to make and reply to just buy the article she is wanting.
 While running around Sunday I found the throws shown above at the Home Goods store at 40% off . The cost was about $12.00 each for a fully lined 50x70 throw. A yard of Minky at the fabric factory store is $10.00 a yard, regular fabric stores it runs up to $18.00 a yard. I couldn't pass up this deal thinking they would be perfect for the scarfs!!
I tried the scarf on Lily this morning to check out my recycling handy work. Looks pretty darn good to me. Lilly is pretty much a size three lady, until I try this on one of the little girls I won't know how it fits. If it works out for the little ones I can get 7 scarfs out of each throw, that's around $1.75 each. I can't make our buy hair clips for that price!!! Here is the tutorial I sorta went by to make this one. Hope that link works, if not google "

After spending the morning with DD#1, Karsyn and Mason man at Ikea (don't even ask) I thought I would jump right in and do a deep clean of an additional room. Didn't happen..... I realized all this cleaning, sorting, and organizing has left other parts of the house in a pretty good mess, even the rooms I have completed. It was time to reload before moving forward. I still have a little more regular housework and laundry to catch up on before Kara arrives for the afternoon, looks like my deep cleaning will be on hold until next Monday. What the heck I have a month, Rome wasn't built in a day after all.

DD#1 and I both have the cute cupcake holder I picked up last year at the after Halloween sales (and I wonder where all this stuff comes from) As cute as it is this is a worthless item unless we keep it full of cupcakes. While I am not opposed to having lots of cupcakes around my waistline is showing signs of my love for sweets. Besides that fact the cupcakes will get stale overnight. I figured the solution was to make fabric cupcakes. What a pain in the rump these are turning out to be. For now I am just going to make the tops while resting in the evening. Maybe I will be in a better mood to work on the base next week. I even tried some tutorials for fabric bases with even worst results, grrrr

I am really happy with the scarf I whipped up in no time this morning. Wouldn't these make great gifts!! If I were to cut lengthwise I think they would be long enough for an adult. Fleece would also work great except I HATE fleece!! I don't like the feel of it and it is a dust, thread, dog hair magnet. 

Are any of the rest of you finding good tutorials for gift making or decorating? If so please leave a comment to link up your blog or leave the site link in the comment section. Now is the time to get busy on Christmas gifts if you will be doing handmade. Even better if you have some Make Do ideas we would all love to hear about them, who doesn't like and need to save money!!!


  1. *Sigh* I wish I was crafty. The scarves you cut up were material & not knit then? They are going to look so nice on the little girls, with matching ones for the big girls???hahaha ... sorry.

  2. Oh, Pinterest...I'm addicted to it too :) I love both scarfs and cupcakes. So cute :) And scarfs will make great and frugal gifts!

  3. Pinterest is an addiction, I admit it. I should probably ask you if you know how to make on of those scarves that are tubes and a complete tube?? Ive got a pattern but cannot finish the ends. Hey, I can quilt, make haunted bird houses, knit team scarves, but sew clothing? Nahhhhh

  4. I love the cupcake idea. Displaying food can be so much fun but spoilage is a problem and I can't actually eat cupcakes anyway! I will send this idea up to twitter and post it on my Pinterest page under tutorials. (


    Retire In Style Blog (

  5. what lovely cupcakes, you are very crafty.

    Gill in Canada

  6. The cupcakes are super cute! Love that scarf too!! Minky costs a small fortune here too.. $20-24 a meter. It's brutal! :(