Tuesday, October 9, 2012

UFO or Early Bird Special?

 Hot Diggity Dog, Our Christmas quilt is complete!!!
 I love the scrappy border.
 The backing is nice and bright and the price was right. I can't remember if I got the fabric for these quilts at the 50% or 70% off sale.
 One down two more to go of this quilt. I cut and pieced some of the blocks back in March, did a small amount of work again maybe a month ago, and finished this week. Sooo this quilt could be considered a UFO. However since its still two months from Christmas it could also be considered and early bird and having gotten the fabric on sale it would be a special right? No matter what it's called it is DONE!!!!
 I ran to the quilt shop this morning to pick up my block of the month. This is the last week of the 50% off sale before the store moves to it's new location next week. What the heck I am the Birthday girl so I gave myself a little treat.
Well two treats to be honest...... I have been wanting a fall quilt but I'm not to crazy about some of the dreary fall fabrics I have seen. I wanted something bright, fun, and grand friendly. If this quilt turns out to be as sweet as I have in my mind it might be my new favorite.

A quick post today as I really MUST finish the deep clean in our room today. I had thought when I started this deep clean the entire house in the month of October it wouldn't be a huge challenge. I am thinking I might be wrong about that. I need to focus and stay off the streets as well as the sewing machine!! Ha

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice cool weather that seems to have spread over the US. I know I am!!!!!


  1. applause, applause - one down! woohoo!!!!!

    Happy Birthday - am I late or early? teehee!!!

  2. The Christmas Quilt is priceless ! Your new Fall Quilt is going to replace your Strawberry Fields Quilt as your fav???? and I have "failed" with any type of Deep Cleaning so far, as I have just been too dang, dang, triple dang busy with Road Running and Tomatoes !

  3. Beautiful, absolutely stunning!! Can't wait to see the fall one. These fabric colors are gorgeous!

  4. Hello Debby,
    your sweet sweet package came and I am just in love with all of it. Love the banner, it will look so nice on our mantel with the black framed mirror already there. The tissue holder is so cute and so is the card.
    Thank you so much!

    about your just finished quilt- for sure and early bird! that apple green on the back looks perfect too.

  5. LOOOVE IT!!! It's just gorgeous! I am constantly in awe of you, Debby! Love your new fabric, can't wait to see that competed! It looks absolutely adorable!!

  6. Debby, your quilt is so beautiful. You do the most amazing quilts, so time consuming though, I dont know how you fit it all in!

  7. Beautiful! As always.
    Love from Mum

  8. That is a really cute Christmas quilt. I love the white and the bright colors. Is your birthday today. If so, we share a birthday.
    Glad you got to treat yourself to some fun fabrics. I worked on a bag to carry to Bible Study this morning, so that was a treat.

  9. well done on those quilts just gorgeous and I love the stippling.

    Love yourr new fabric as well. I was at my quilting club yesterday and they had the most gorgeous quilt on show and it was brown with coffee cups/tins panels all over it. If I had $100 to spare I would have bought the kit.