Monday, October 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

 A friend and I took a field trip to a local quilt store while in Al. I am happy to say I only bought a few pieces of "Bama" fabric to work up a quilt for hubby in the future as well as a pattern for a fun someday quilt. I have the best quilt shop in the world here at home, it is hard to find any place that can beat "Sew Much Fun" when it comes to fabric!!
 The fella's went to a local sports bar to enjoy Saturday football while we girls had lunch back at the German resturant. SOOOO good!
 If you are ever in Huntsville, AL this is a must eat at place. 
 We then went back to the hotel to finish her quilt top.
While sewing on her machine was a little frustrating due to tension problems her baby quilt still turned out great. We didn't have time to do the sandwiching and quilting but I left her with a good first time quilters book. I can't wait to hear from her how it all turns out.
We are home........There is nothing better in the world than being home in my book. We didn't arrive back until 8:30 PM last night. We did at least get the truck unloaded before we hit the bed. I don't think we rolled over once through the night, we were out cold!!!!
What a great long weekend catching up with friends we haven't seen in years, riding around town seeing all of our old hang out spots and reminiscing about old times. 40 years is a loooooong time!! Yesterday morning was interesting seeing everyone at the breakfast bar filling up before they hit the road. I am sure the pain reliever company's saw an increase in sales. Ha  
I have a list that is a mile long today when all I really want to do is sleep, eat and sleep some more. We never got more then 4 hours sleep a night since Thursday, we are too old for those late nights. I have managed to get the unpacking done, laundry started and mail sorted this morning but I am moving slow. Supper tonight will be from the crock pot just as soon as I figure out what to throw in there then its on to getting another room cleaned top to bottom. I am going with the easiest on the list for today as my energy level is very, very low.
I have the grands Wednesday-Friday this week, Saturday is T-ball, Sunday is Karsyn's 2nd Birthday party, along the way hubby and I have to pick up Karsyn's playhouse her Mommy and Daddy bought for her then get it built. We have an action packed week for sure.
 My goal of cleaning each room of the house from top to bottom in the month of October is on shakey grounds. I think I can still get it all in but it is going to be a race to the finish line. Where the heck did this month go.


  1. 4 hours a night is not enough for me, I can do it for one night but by the next night, I gotta catch up.
    Hope you get your cleaning done, at least as much as realistic. I make a list every Monday and do all I can but rarely does it all get scratched off.

  2. I'm exhausted just reading about your late nights! Guess I'm too old too!

  3. I am pooped also just reading about what you are going to be doing this week,


  4. Welcome HOME !!! Slow down girl ... I never did get into the Deep cleaning since I just finished up with the canning last Friday after that Flu bout. Hope you get another good nite's sleep.