Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Home Cookin

 Here is the fabric I picked up while in AL for hubby a quilt. I still need to find some hounds tooth fabric to go along with it. Right now I am thinking a very simple patchwork of maybe 8 or 10 inch blocks.
 Supper tonight is chicken, broccoli and rice. The rice has gotten very mushy, I think the recipe might be wrong as it called for cooked rice. Have no fear we still have........
 Spice cake
And home made vanilla ice cream for desert along with dinner rolls (store bought)

I didn't finish a room clean out and up today but progress was made. Instead I shopped for AJ the Beagles surrogate Mommy a gift for keeping her over the long weekend. My buddy has a GF weekend coming up this next week. I know she won't spend any money on something new for herself so I bought her a SUPER cute shirt, sweater, and chunky long necklace. Along with that I will be delivering her supper and desert tonight. Nothing like a home cooked meal after a day at work I am thinking.

Along with enjoying some time in the kitchen today I pieced the backing for a quilt that was in the UFO pile. I hope to get the backing and quilt top ironed after supper so I can sandwich and do the pinning tonight while the debate is on. Putting the quilt together, pinning and all seems to be my least favorite thing in the quilting process...I need to stop procrastinating.

Tomorrow is a new day Scarlett, maybe I will get back to the cleaning


  1. I did a double take because I thought the fabric was NC State fabric. Clicked on it and saw that it was Alabama! Here is a link to the NC State one I made with the same colors. Its not one of my best quilts, but my hubby liked it.

    Im sure yours will be awesome.... even if it is Alabama. LOL

    The food looks good too.

  2. Mmm...yummy dinner tonight:)

  3. Spice Cake that brings memories of my childhood back. Love me some Spice Cake.