Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Change of Plans

 After hubby's Dr appointment this AM we went too breakfast with friends then on too the early voting booths. Our wait to vote was 1 hour and 45 minutes. WOW  Later in the day we watched Kara so her Mommy could go vote, the wait was over 2 hours by then. I hope everyone will take the time to vote this year, be prepared to wait in LONG lines!!!!
 My plan after voting was to go on home and begin quilting this quilt...however hubby decided to take the day off so we could finally get around to working on a storage solution for holiday decorations that would keep me from climbing in and out of the attic.
 We got a late start due to all 3 of the little grands showing up for a few hours of play but finally we were able to get on it. Here is a small sample of what needed to be sorted from my side of the garage.
 More stuff to be dealt with.
 My sweet hubby added an additional 6 foot section of shelving so unloading decorating tubs will be easier to get too. The second shelf will be getting lots more TLC when I am up to it. Hubby just shoved stuff in that needs to be tossed.
All better now! We already had a 14 foot section of shelving that holds Christmas tubs and decorations now the entire wall is filled with shelving :( So much for downsizing. I am still trying to find someone to restore the dresser and bed frame of my Grandmothers so they can be moved into the house, which will give me a whole lot more room.

We had no plans of cleaning out my side of the garage today but when the mood struck hubby I wasn't going to back out!!! We loaded up his truck to make deliveries to all of our DD's homes of things they have left at our home over the past year or so. Other things went to goodwill, and a bit to the dump. My car is full of yet more deliveries for DD#2 tomorrow. Our kiddo's need to stop using our home as a free storage unit!!! Hubby's side of the garage in my opinion is hopeless. He has his Jeep, Harley, car motor and more tools than one person should have on his side. Things seem to always end up on my side since his side is so full. We also did a whole lot of downsizing of the grands riding toys, strollers and such. It's all just too much

While playing with the grands today I pulled a muscle in my how should I say this? Rear end, rump, bottom. Holy cow. Web MD suggests you elevate the area and use ice packs for 20 minutes on and off for the first 24 hours. I think you can get a visual by that description. I have both of DD#1 kiddo's all day tomorrow so she can attend a field trip with Tyler, then DD#2's Kara on Thursday and Friday. I have hopes that my back end will be able to keep up. Added to that we found out today we will be having company over the weekend. When it rains it seems to pour. I am off to re-prioritize my to do list somethings are gonna have to give.


  1. we were a free storage unit for all of dd wedding presents for 8 months, just got rid of those and now its full of baby shower stuff. Wonder what will fill up the house after that???

    Still got boxes in the basement of ds stuff, fingers crossed he buys a house sooner rather than later!!! I feel your pain!


  2. We almost got rid of all stuff baby at a yard sale. It rained that day. And now---another one on the way!
    Glad you found a bit of space :>)

  3. hope your backside is feeling better.

    yep, know all about those grown children leaving their stuff here. and all the stuff for the grands. It is just too much, you are so right.

    yesterday, DD drove her husbands pickup when she came over to pick up her daughter. So Grandpa seized the opportunity to load up their bicycle (that had been left here by DS#3) in their truck and send it to their house.

  4. We have piles of "junk" and stuff invading our basement...it is to the point of being embarrassing along with the layers of dust ... I see a decluttering job coming our way this Winter ! Hope your butt feels better soon, especially when it is needed to sit on to get that quilt started on !

  5. no line for me...voted in a small town just west of us, about 10 miles away but in the county...
    ya'll make me tired cleaning out the garage!!