Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Room by Room

 Yesterday started out with the living room as my point of attack. The curio cabinet was the elephant in the room!! One bite at a time now everything is cleaned and back in place. Windows, walls, blinds, baseboards and all are finished. This was an easy room other than the curio cabinet so I had time to move on for more cleaning in the next room.
 The living room got a few touches of fall. Remember these pumpkins from last year made out of sweaters from Goodwill? A quick, easy, very CHEAP little extra.
 A Halloween quilt I bought way back when welcomes you in the door. Cute quilt but totally useless to cuddle under.
 After some rest it was on the the powder room. Mr Bucky needed a good cleaning.
 And decorating as well. He seems to be missing something. If I can find a good sale maybe a witches hat will do. 
 The powder room is complete. This room is on the top of the list to be painted. I am WAY over the deep red. I also want to have the vanity refinished if I can find someone who will do it at a reasonable price.
 DD#1 requested a black feather wreath with a touched of bling. The cost was $65.00 in whatever store she saw it in. I pulled it off for under $30.00, the boa's ran the cost up as I couldn't find any on sale :( Everything else was on sale 1/2 off
I used two boa's wrapped around a grapevine wreath then added just a few pick ornaments to dress it up.

Yesterday was a cool rainy day, perfect for staying in and continuing the clean up and out around the house.   Today looks to be the same before the heat builds back up later in the week. I am going to tackle the breakfast room and upstairs hallway today both of which will be pretty easy so I can save my energy to work on a craft project this evening. If time allows maybe a bit of free motion quilting to boot!! 

I am LOVING this deep cleaning month, OK I know its only the 2nd but I need to strike while the iron is hot and the weather is cool!! HA  AJ the beagle is very put out with both of the vacuums being in use most of the day, she HATES the vacuum. I can't let a little hound dog hold me back, I am so ready to get our  home back in the shape it should be in for the holiday's.

Want to join in on some fun? Head over to Carla's and check out her Sister Swap. I participated in the last one that was great!!  Off to fix my bucket of water for washing of walls and baseboards. I would like to be done with the cleaning today by 3:00 so I can have some play time, it's all about balance.


  1. Your house is looking wonderful and festive! I also love to deep clean in the fall before the holidays begin. (Unfortunately, my schedule is way too busy right now, but I'm hoping that by November I will have a good stretch of time.)

  2. our dog and granddaughter both dislike the vacuum but it still has to be done.
    love Bucky's boas :)

    hope your deep cleaning goes fast and smooth

  3. Look at you go - your determination is awesome. I LOVE the Halloween wreath - the black boas are perfect.

  4. It all looks really great to me. I wish we did it over here! Maybe I could start a trend?

  5. I am hoping I can get a handle on catching up to you (NOT) after the Thanksgiving weekend? or not maybe til November the way things are going here ... love Bucky and his scarf.

  6. my dd would LOVE that wreath, will have to send her a link to this post.


  7. I love all your stuff, some great decorations you have around your home :)