Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Mail

 Look what the mail man left on Saturday from my Secret Sister Suzanne.
 Inside the package was the "Family Forever" charm for my bracelet!!! Thank you so much Suzanne I love it. Suzanne if you have a blog PLEASE leave a comment so I can link your blog up, I haven't been able to find one yet.
 Our friend flew in bright and early Friday morning to purchase this hot Harley from another friend of ours. We expected he would be staying the weekend but with the incoming storm and winter weather to hit our NC mountains overnight and tomorrow he headed out Saturday to beat the storm. He called this morning after stopping for the night due to light rain and super cold temps only to get up this morning to light snow in the Rocky Mountains. Harley's and snow are NO FUN!!!!
 Since I had an unexpected few extra hours today I knocked out the top to bottom cleaning in the breakfast room. I decided to wash the window treatments and send them on their way to goodwill tomorrow. I am in the mood for something new and different. Our kitchen chairs are covered in fabric ticking, I'm thinking I might go that route just as soon as I get my hot hands on a 50% off coupon that is.
Humm, this photo turned out pretty tiny but you get the idea right? We are lucky to be far enough out of the path of Sandy that we are receiving only much welcome breezes. NC mountains on the other hand are under a winter storm watch/warning for overnight and tomorrow. Check out Kathy's post on preparing for this monster storm.

Hubby and I are finally taking a break for a bit before heading to Karsyn's Birthday party this afternoon. We have been in our own worlds today getting some much needed honey do's done on our respective lists. Together we got all of the mattresses turned and flipped (what a job). He has put together a "how to" for me on starting the generator that he expects me to learn today. If I don't post in the future you will know I failed in learning this new task!! Ha We are also having a neighbour over to learn how to fire up the generator in case hubby is out of town and the need should come up. Maybe between us both we can keep the freezers running in an emergency. When hubby made the generator purchase we bought the biggest portable one we could afford with plans to share the power with neighbours. Hubby is the expert on all things electric, I am getting better at all things none electric to keep our family safe, feed and comfortable in and emergency.

If you are in the path of this storm PLEASE stay safe!!!! All eye's, thoughts and prayers of the country are with you.


  1. lucky you getting a charm for your bracelet. I didn't know anything about Pandora bracelets until dd started on about them. She had to buy her MIL a charm for her birthday. They are quite expensive here, she paid $75 for the birth stone charm for her MIL.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Lucky you, Debby...what a most thoughtful gift from your Secret Sister, Suzanne. We also have a new generator, I wouldn't have a clue to start! the wood stove I have no problem "firing" up myself (and it is fired up right now, brr). My Cousin's daughter, husband & 8yr old are on the east coast with their boat headed out for a 1 yr boating sabbatical. I surely pray they have holed up in a safe place from the storm. Have fun at the B/D party !

  3. gosh Debby, you do make me tired...I am just NOT a cleaner...what can I say...I had rather hire someone about 2-3 times a year to dust and really clean for me. I want to sew and blog, and facebook and pinterest and garden ...but NOT clean. YOUR house looks great!!

  4. It's beautiful!!! Suzanne doesn't have a blog but is every bit as sweet & wonderful as you are!! Enjoy your beautiful new charm!! :)

  5. Hi! I am back from my break and it is fun to see your post here. I am just wondering what you did with all your spare time! Wow you got a lot done!!!! xo Diana

  6. Hurricane Sandy could reach us in southern Ontario so I've heard. I'm hoping she will have run out of steam by then but I do have an emergency kit just in case. I wouldn't say NO to a day off school :) One of my first purchases when we move permanently to PEI will be a generator! Lots of storms on the east coast! Glad you're out of the way!

  7. Debby - I'm so glad you like it - when I saw it was a new charm i hoped you didn't have it yet! No blog these days - but I enjoy following yours!

    1. Thanks so much!! Stay safe in this storm!!!

  8. What a cute bracelet! And I love stripes in your kitchen- so fun!!