Friday, October 26, 2012

Beam me up Scotty

 I worked at warp speed yesterday morning to get one of the spare bedrooms cleaned top to bottom
 Slowly all of the rooms in the house are getting done.
 Next on my task list was get my Secret Sister gift ready to mail.
 That gift along with 2 others are on their way to new homes
 All was complete before this little gal showed up for the day.
 After a full day of play and no nap we enjoying (not) supper with Kara before we headed over to Karsyn's house for a little family get together to celebrate her 2nd Birthday.
 Mommy and Daddy got Karsyn the perfect gift.
 There will be lots of tea parties going on around this place.
Mason loves him some Birthday cake!!

What a day is all I can say. I am really to old for all this partying!! Today will not be much better as we have Kara for the day, a friend flying in for the weekend, and Friday play date this morning. To help keep things simple for dinner tonight Kara and I will be putting a pot of chili on this morning along with some bread and some sort of easy desert. Whatever is leftover will be used for some chili nachos tomorrow during the football games as we have Tyler's T-ball game to work in as well.

I thought as we got older things were to slow down...not so much. The month is almost gone and I still have  5 more rooms to do a top to bottom clean out of. Two of the rooms should be easy to knock out the others will be a full day I am sure. Hubby has been warned to get the heck out of the way next week so I can get this challenge finished up before the end of the month, I see lots of crock pot cooking in our future!! Ha

I hear hubby stirring about upstairs so I guess the day has begun. After breakfast this morning I will be picking up Kara then on to our play date while hubby does the airport run. I have HIGH hopes that Kara will be worn out enough after her play date that she just might take a nap today (rare) that might give me time to get a desert put together without any little hands. Today I am thankful for a large family a two feet that  are working pretty good as long as I wear the brace at night!!


  1. You have such a beautiful home! :) And I don't think we as women ever slow down... lol! That's the best part anyways! ;)

  2. Yes, pray do tell why it does get busier when we get older. I know I am much slower then I was, so that has to be part of the equation. Happy Birthday Karsyn ... perfect gift for sure. Mason Man is enjoying him some cake, "yummy". When you are done your 5 rooms, please feel free to join me at my "whole" house any old time, Debby. Enjoy your company and weekend I hope !!

  3. Glad Karsyn had a lovely birthday Debbie. Sounds as if you have been a real busy bee.If I tidy before my grandchildren visit you cant even tell I did once they have gone!

  4. The room looks awesome! Happy Birthday to Karsyn! :)!

  5. Happy Birthday to Karsyn!! Naps are overrated, right?:) At least, that's what my kids think...