Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fun

 Check out Mason Man. Walking at 10 months old, he is growing up way to fast. Having the helmet has worked out pretty good for him, never any nasty bruises on his little head as he has learned how to walk.
 This little guy never ever cries, such a happy fella. He now gives big old hugs and kisses, but if you don't watch him he will give a bite on your cheek.
 And our sweet Karsyn who will be 2 this month. She has calmed down so much in the past few months that I can finally keep up with her most of the time!!
 She is always ready to give me a big old smile
 Miss Kara who has a WHOLE lot of energy. This one I can NOT keep up with.
 The little girls worked in the kitchen together for at least 3 minuets.
They lasted a little longer in the bouncy area.

Wheeeee, I am ready for a nap!! I took Kara out for breakfast this morning which was not one of my smarter moves. Kara has no table manners. A short trip to the grocery for some picnic snacks went much better, seat belts on carts are one of the wonders of the world. Then it was on the "Discovery Place for Kids" where we meet up with DD#1 and her two little ones. After two hours of none stop playing we had a picnic lunch before returning home for what better be a BIG LONG nap. DD called on her way back home to tell me her kiddo's were asleep before she got out of the parking garage. I should have traded Kara in for her two, Ha Kara is still in her swing (she won't sleep in a bed) calling out for me in the sweetest voice ever "Nanny hold you". It ain't gonna happen, this kid needs to rest or I will never make it till 5:00pm.

My expectations for today are low!! Ha  I figure once Kara leaves for the day my rump will be on the couch for the rest of the evening. I am trying to get Kara out more often to play and go on outings to wear her down but the girl is like the Ever Ready Bunny, she never gives up. Even DD#1 was  ready for some down time after just two hours and she is 1/2 my age.

So many Grandparents these days have had to take over caring for their grands and in some cases having full custody of them. I don't know how in the world they do it. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to help out with our grands their first year full time and part time after that but I can tell you full time with all three would be more than I could handle. 

There has to be a special place in Heaven set aside for these Angel Grandparents here on earth. When I am at my wits end and think I have not an ounce more energy I remember back to my own Angel on Earth who took my Sister and I in when she was in her late 60's. She was our Mother for 8 years, after that she had us full time each summer until I graduated from high school, she was in her 80's by then. I pray to be a lady of her character but I am a work in progress for sure!!!!!!


  1. Your grands will keep you young forever! ;) You are such an awesome nanny!! I so admire & look up to all you do!

    Mason reminded me of Morgan... everytime she didn't get her own way she'd bash her head on the floor! She always walked around with big bruises on her poor baby head! lol! Thankfully she's not as bad anymore... ;)

  2. Gorgeous grandchildren!!! I'm not sure I would want grandchildren fulltime, let alone have the energy for it. I've raised kids for 3 decades, I really would like some *free* time.

    You are wonderful to take care of them! (BUT don't forget to take some time for YOU. :)!)

  3. I must admit although I am looking forward to having grand children, I won't be looking after them full time.


  4. Really Debby, as much as we love them, I don't know how we could maintain their energy, or how you keep yours going so strong! My brother, who turned 66 today, has been raising his grandson for the past 10 yrs, who is almost 13 yrs. Good thing my brother still actively plays hockey, as that has helped him keep up I am certain... Mason Man pulls at my heart strings, such a cutie as are the girls.