Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dust Bunnies On the Run

 Do you remember sweaters like this from back in the 80's?  I bought this one last year to make a pillow but ran out of time. Today I made the time.
 A friend is making these cute little pots with a sprig of ivy to give neighbors and friends this Halloween. I knew my DD's would love them, soooo I made a whole mess of these today.
 Instead of a pot of ivy I stuffed the clay pots with Styrofoam then glued on some dry moss. The legs are drinking straws, the shoes I cut out from the millions of scrap booking paper I have hoarded.
Total cost to make nine pots $.50 cents for the package of straws.

I was slack today and only got the upstairs hallway finished. What the heck one room done is better than no rooms done I figure. 

I spent the morning keeping the roads hot looking for buttons in different Dollar Stores. I found a few but will be needing more to finish an additional Halloween project I am working on (Hopefully the last). To keep costs down on the next craft I did some bartering with a friend who was looking for sweaters to make fall pumpkins. BINGO, I was able to unload a full shopping bag of leftover sweaters and sweater scraps I no longer need in turn she gave me some dry moss I needed along with Plaster of Paris. One ladies trash is another's treasure!!! 

I finally got my totals done for the September saving challenge. I was able to put back $400.00 in our Vacation/Christmas account from my weekly spending and squeezing a little from the checking account. My goal was $500.00 however I did some Christmas shopping while on vacation and a bit more over this past weekend that threw me off. One thing I have learned from lots of no spend challenges is that if I find something we need or will be needing on sale it is silly to pass it up. In the long run I am saving money buying on sale. I am soooo going to try and watch our spending even more in the month of October. We have hubby's 40th year class reunion coming up this month that was not in my vacation plan for the year. The tickets are already purchased for the dinner and dance but we will be eating out most of our meals, gas is crazy high and add to that the cost of the motel, sigh.....

Off to bed with what I hope is a good book then it's hit the roads again in the morning. Tyler is in need of a new book/toy shelving unit that we told him we would get for him. DD#1 and I will meet first thing in the AM to knock that off my to do list then it's back home to see if I can complete one more room this week. Tomorrow is my last free day of the week without the little girls so I need to do double time tomorrow.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on our Halloween decorations, if it wasn't for the grands I wouldn't do much for Halloween. DD#3 and Kara came by today, its the first year that the little girls are aware of decorations and changes to the house. Note to self Kara HATES skeletons, even the friendly ones I have around, I have to move them out before Thursday!!!


  1. Those pots are too cute! as is the pillow. I am with you on the sales, if it is going to save money on something you NEED in the long run, buy it on sale ! You did amazing considering you made extra purchases. Gas is crazy nuts here too. Have fun on another catch up day before Kara arrives.

  2. Those are the cutest Halloween "pots"!! So affordable too! You did great on your savings!! Way to go! I've started with my Xmas shopping too... I'd like to be done sooner than later! :)

  3. I agree too cute. Well done on your savings as well.


  4. These pots are absolutely adorable!! My little one is terrified of all kinds of skeletons too. And spiders. So I think it's just pumpkin decor this year for us:)

  5. Your pots are just too cute! I don't do anything scary, never even watched Wizard of Oz all the way through because of the scary witch.
    But I like your funny pots.
    I'll be cleaning today too right along side you, just 5 States away :)