Saturday, January 26, 2013


The hot tub was a little too frozen yesterday for a warm soak!!
I took this shot from the kitchen window in the early afternoon as I couldn't take a step out any of the doors due to ice.
This morning I decided to have some play time with the chalkboard fabric making buntings.
I think the DD's will enjoy having buntings that they can use during any season. Just wipe and write whatever they want.
I don't do fancy lettering but the DD's are all about cute printing (it's a teacher thing maybe?) I am going to make a couple for some Elementary teacher buddy's. I know their kiddo's will get a kick out of thinking of new words to print on the buntings during the school year!!

I am so glad I decided to head home after the funeral Thursday as our ice storm moved in earlier than expected. While Kara and I were out on our Friday morning grocery run the first round of sleet and ice moved in, BURRRR. We made a quick trip of it just picking up fruit, eggs and bread. I didn't really need eggs and milk this week but we have had ice storms in the past that left us home bound for several day's and a few times without power. You just never know what might happen. With all the extra milk in the house we will be having potato soup and lots of other milk based meals next week!! Ha Better safe that sorry. Kara's Mommy got off early yesterday due to the ice storm, the drive home for them took over 2 hours due to ice on the roads, wreaks and such. I was on pins and needles until I knew they were home safe and sound.

The funeral service Thursday was bone chilling cold. Even with all the layers we had on the wind cut through us like a knife. On the way home the radio said the wind chill was -2 degrees, that's way to cold for the south!!! I had never been to a "Moravian" funeral before. Being that we are not Moravian I didn't participate in the readings but kept my head bowed in respect for their service and customs, over and hours worth of it all {Oh so cold). Even if I had felt comfortable participating I didn't have my reading glasses with me so I could never have kept up with the four pages of "Liturgy For Burial Of The Dead". It was really beautiful and interesting. If you have never heard of the Moravian faith this site has some information. I have been on several field trips with our DD's over the years when they were in school but I want to go back for a visit while NOT being a chaperon of kids!! It was so interesting. Until moving to NC I had never heard of this church/faith.

Now for a few funny things I overheard at the visitation. One elderly gentleman was sharing with some of his friends that "Mr. So and So had caught a heart attack while checking the mail last week. Died right there in the street." They all agreed once you caught a heart attack there wasn't much that could be done. So funny and sweet. A group of elderly ladies was asking one of the other ladies why she wasn't coming to the walk group anymore. She told them that her knees couldn't take the stress. She now was doing Yogurt (yoga). They were all impressed that she had learned how to stretch out like a kitten!! Again funny and sweet!! My friends Mom who's husband of 62 years had passed came up to me at the reception worried that people were eating the zucchini bread that I had made for her. She likes the bread with her morning tea and these folks are eating it up. I assured her we had plenty I had made two loaves of each. That was not a good enough explanation for her. She had me take a loaf of the zucchini bread and banana bread to hide in her pocketbook to take home! "I know you made it just for me like you always do."

I have such a love for older people, they say what they think and mean what they say. No political correctness in their world. Good manners are good manners, they have no tolerance of all the craziness going on in the world and don't mind sharing "Their peace" . I told Mrs. D that I would be coming back soon to take her to lunch and shopping at Walmart. She jumped right on that invitation telling me "Friday's worked best for her Mr. D always took her out on Fridays" Just too sweet and funny. A wonderful celebration of a husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather of 87 years. A life well lived!!

Off to have a fun filled day of staying in the warm house creating whatever I want as long as I want. I have lots of leftovers from the week to eat on for a few days, may even get in a nap if the mood strikes me. No worries over the To Do list today it's all about just being for a change!!!!


  1. Debby - This is a wonderful post- I love those old people and how they just "tell it like it is". You are a good soul and I know the "old folks" around you really appreciate you- xo Diana

  2. I am so happy you returned home safe and sound before the ice storm. I love being sweet to people as it is good medicine for our Souls. xx

  3. -2 is just flat cold! you be careful.
    I enjoyed your old people stories and made think of my sweet grandparents. They lived very long lives and always told you what they thought.

  4. Glad you made good time with the storm, Debby! You mean those icicles don't make you want to chip away the ice and jump into the hot tub!? haha!! I agree with you on older people... My grandma is awesome and is exactly the same way! I love it!! :)