Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fun

After Kara left today I got busy on some charity Pillow cases
Some for little girls
Others for little boys
And one for whoever. This fabric was too cute to pass up on sale
Two Christmas quilt tops are now complete, the third is oh so close to being done.

After a fun filled day with Kara I got down to business trying to finish up these silly Christmas quilt tops. I am sooo over Christmas I can't stand it but I want to be done with this project so I can move on. Come next Christmas I will be thanking myself for having 2 gifts ready to wrap and give but right now.....not so much. Before I got back on the quilt tops I knocked out some charity pillow cases and cut out even more. Now when a group has a pillow case drive I will be all set and I have even been able to use up a little of my stash in the process!!

Kara will return bright and early in the AM. If the weatherman is correct our temps should be in the mid 70's with clear sunny skies, perfect time to hit the park with all the grands. With any luck I will wear the sweet girl out so we can both get an afternoon nap in before Mommy picks her up. 

The rest of the weekend will be spent lining up UFO's and need to do's in the sewing room so I can hit the floor running next week.

The only decluttering I accomplished this week was decluttering my brain and body of built up stress. I am going to count that as a BIG decluttering job! Ha

The pantry challenge has been going great, no food waste and only bought milk, eggs and banana's this week. The refrigerator is getting pretty bare now that the leftovers have all been used up, time for some cooking to start the new week off.

Low/No spend challenge is also going really well. Hubby and I have used up a whole lot of GC and reward points since Christmas. I need to total up what we have spent but I know it's well below $100.00!!

52 week savings will continue but with a little revision after seeing a comment on Gills blog. I thought this was such a great idea. Instead of having all the large deposits at the end of the year this lady suggested doing a drawing each week to determine the amount you should deposit. For now I will be doing the regular weekly deposit in addition to whatever week I pull from the drawing. Clear as mud right?!!


  1. These pillowcases are so fun! Love them!

  2. I too thought the alternative way of the 52 week challenge was good as well.

    Love the fabric combinations on the pillow cases.


  3. Love all those "fun" pillowcases you have been at, and I am sure they will be enjoyed when received. Yes seen Judy's comment over at Gill's, right now I have to plug at it weekly the way it is as Taxi Business is slow this time of year.

  4. What adorable pillowcases and the quilt tops are gorgeous :)

  5. My fridge is empty too Debby...but u know I just don't feel like shopping or filling it up. I will have to of course but I feel so saturated with all the food and endless heavy meals over the two weeks of Christmas holidays that at present a salad everyday would do me fine. I suppose Sr P doesn't feel the same though.

    I've been admiring your cushion cover that Lena won from you and has posted about on her blog ...its lovely and so are those fun pillowcases too.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


  6. I just love your Christmas quilts. When I have had more practice I shall have to attempt one.
    Love from Mum