Monday, January 7, 2013

National Championship Cooking

Tonight's the big night!! Roll Tide. It was also a big day in the kitchen for me. Needed lots of football food without spending money. Along with a tray of cookies from the freezer and chocolate nuts I added these Rice Crispy Chocolate candies, check out the recipe here
Cream cheese was on sale over the holiday 4/$5.00 along with double coupons I picked up way more than we needed for Christmas and New Years at dirt cheap prices. Humm, how about an easy crab dip for tonight. What cream cheese I didn't use today will be shoved in the freezer for a later date
Not a good photo but whats new?
Take a brick of cream cheese that has set out for a bit to get soft. Spread it on a dinner plate,
drain a can of crab meat, sprinkle on top of the cream cheese
pour some cocktail sauce over top.
Cover and shove in the fridge until ready to use
Serve with some crackers (you picked up on sale of course)

Used more of the cream cheese to make this Chicken dip. Hope the recipe below show's up. If not I will try again tomorrow.

I found a recipe on line today for the artisan bread. You really must try this!!

Along with all of this I cleaned out one of the fridge drawers and unloaded the last of the fancy cheese, beef sticks and pepperoni. Also cleaned out some of the party crackers we had leftover from Christmas. The boys are happy little campers with what we will be having tonight and not ONE RED dime was spent!! I know it's tacky to brag but I must say I am rockin this pantry challenge!! Ha

More kitchen happenings tomorrow, it's time to get my Bama gear on and head to the party. Well at least until halftime when I will come home to jump in my PJ's. I am NOT a night owl. The boys will stay for the entire game NO drinking and driving EVER EVER at our home but as far as I know there are no laws against PJ's and driving to pick them up (I hope)


  1. Love all the recipes, everything looks so yummy. Have fun at the party :)

  2. The Chicken Dip recipe shows up perfect when you *click* on it ! Party on down with all those goodies you have been busy making all day long.

  3. that's a super price on the cream cheese. If we get it was $1.99 a package we have got a deal.


  4. I know you all had fun watching your team win and eat those yummy snacks.
    I've froze cream cheese before but it came out all dry and crumbly. Have you had success freezing it before?