Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My first decluttering area this month was our desk.
An up close photo gives you more of an idea of how far behind on filing I had gotten
Lots of sorting, filing and, shredding. Three hours all told
The desk is back in working order ready for a New Year. Hubby and I each had a pile of must do's and or check up on papers before the day was finished. More hours than I care to think about was spent on this. But it is now ALL DONE
Spending today was great!!! I returned some books I received for Christmas that I had already read. In their place I picked up two new cookbooks all for free after the exchange!!

Hubby didn't go to work today.....I'm just sayin

Some people like to jabber away and yell questions all day long when working on a project (hubby)
 Others enjoy quietly taking care of the task at hand in peace (me)
Put the two together and you have a recipe for disaster. Unless of course you have the correct drugs in the house Hubby (cookies), me (chocolate)

We ran into a big old bugger of a mess to clear up regarding changes made/dropped to some of our accounts. All have been addressed and corrected. More on that tomorrow!!

Today counts as my first decluttering challenge of the month.
 Now on to the no/low spending challenge
A big fat zero was spent!!!
 I returned Christmas gift books I had already read over the summer today and got 2 new ones FREE.
We ran out of black ink in the printer. Picked up the ink using rewards points for FREE
Decided after all the stress of fixing the problems we found, getting taxes, and files cleaned up we would have an early dinner at PF Chang's for FREE using GC and coupon for FREE appetizer I found on line.

Coupons and GC will be the name of the game this month to keep our spending as low as we can go. Hubby printed off the pay stub for this week, UGHHHH It's always a shock at the first of the year when we start getting hit with payroll deductions that have been paid in full for a few month's. I will have to do some fancy foot work to stash the cash in our Christmas/Vacation fund!!

Forgot to announce the winners of the zippy Christmas wallet and "The Christmas Jar" book. I will get on that FIRST thing in the morning


  1. got to attempt my first decluttering, I think Friday is the day for that.


  2. pretty desk! It even looks good unorganized.

    I woke up with a headache but it is finally gone so I am going to get busy -pretty much doing the same kind of things as you did. But no hubby here to slow me down :)

  3. Ha Debby I remember when you tackled the "dreaded" desk last year. I have that problem of dread every month & quarterly with Crabby Cabbie bookwork UGH ! Hey nice NO spend benefits ... you "rock" the savings.

  4. Looks great! Well done! :) I'm going to eat then go snap a before & (hopefully) after pic of my bookshelf! :)

  5. Good job! I already spent some money this month but I'm well within our budget still. Decluttering, on the other hand, is a slow and painful process :(