Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spending Challenges Update

A trip to the local quilting store was needed Monday to purchase more sashing fabric for the Christmas quilts, grr While in the shop I ran into beach quilt kits that were marked down from a class they had last year. WHAT a DEAL!!! The kits came with 4.5 yards of fabric needed for a quilt top, binding, along with the pattern all for $21.95. Sometimes you gotta step out of the Low/No spending challenge to get in on a deal too good to pass up. One of the quilts will be a Christmas gift for 2013 they other will go in the charity quilt pile. I have enough backing fabric on hand to complete one quilt, the other I still need to dig around in my stash to see what I can come up with.
At Sunday dinner this week Tyler was feeling a little left out :( It's hard for him being the only one for 5 years then to be one of 4 in such a short period of time. I let him pick out a pillow case I had in the charity pile but he was really wanting something more on the super hero/dinosaur style. Flannel fabric marked down to 70% off was the perfect solution.
A quilt of Valor will be going in the mail to my Uncle this week. He was wounded in the Vietnam war losing and eye along with other injury's. I can't wait till he opens this surprise gift!!!
11 more pillow cases are in the works for the charity pile. I hope to get all of the pillow cases donated next month. Once they are out of the house I plan on pulling more of my stash out for pillow cases. I sew need to unload all this excess fabric
On to the savings challenges. I put numbers of the week starting with week 26-52  in a baggie to pull from so I wouldn't be hit with all the high amounts at the end of the year for the 52 week saving challenge. This past week I pulled week 45. After stashing the cash I highlighted the week I had deposited in my envelope. Thank you Cindy for including all of us in the challenge!
Now for the No/Low spending challenge hosted by Carla. With Dr bills now arriving from hubby's issue our regular budget is all over the place. One thing I am still able to keep on track is our weekly $200.00 spending budget for food, gas, gifts or whatever pops up. This week I was able to transfer over $300.00 dollars from this money to our Christmas/Vacation account. yepee skippy!! Hubby is on a 2 week pay schedule so I will hopefully be able to make one more deposit into this account before the end of the month. I didn't set a goal for this challenge I figured I would just wing it and hope for the best!

Last but not least is the pantry challenge that I joined in with Rhonda.
I am sooo kicking butt on this one. Other than milk, eggs, and banana's we are eating from the pantry and freezer. I haven't found anything we are running low on at this point so I might just get by with less than $30.00 spent at the grocery store for the rest of the month..The No/Low spend challenge and the Pantry challenge are great complements to each other.

Off to see if I can make a dent in this pile of cut up fabric today. The little girls will both be with me tomorrow then Kara will be here until Saturday afternoon, not much gets done when they are running the show!!!


  1. You are doing great on your goals! And what a sweet gift you made for your uncle. I know he'll be happy!

  2. You're so very talented & generous, Debby!! You inspire me to do more! :) You're doing awesome with your challenges this month!! I really need to stick to a $200 next week as well so I can finish off the month with a "bang" and save up a bit more EF cash!! Good luck next week with all your challenges again!

  3. Busy, busy , busy. Saving my pennies to buy the new "noteworthy" fabric from sweetwater. Why is it I always love their fabrics?

  4. This is tough at this time of year for us, so I am sticking to the week by week Savings Schedule. I love the quilt you are sending off to your Uncle; would you not LOVE to be a fly on the wall? Great deal on the Quilts. I actually bought one Christmas Gift just this week. We have only also bought 1 loaf of bread and a jug of milk; doing okay there. Snowing like anything out there right now ! Happy to not have to go anywhere.

  5. What a beautiful quilt of valor, I'm sure your uncle is going to love it :)

    You're doing great on the challenges too, way to go.