Friday, January 4, 2013

Winners, decluttering, and Beneficiaries

Yesterday my decluttering area was the front pantry. With the holiday's, big kiddo's, grands, and of course hubby around lately things were unside down.
The top shelf holds containers for things we buy in bulk, most everything needed to be restocked.
We were very low on oats which reminded me we were out of granola
Mark that off the to do list. A double batch is now ready for snacking.
I also found some leftover milk chocolate from Christmas that I know we wonldn't eat along with Semi sweet bakers chocolate that I mistakinly bought instead of unsweetend chocolate. A half a container of peanuts leftover from peanut brittle will be a good snack for the National Championship game Monday night as well as Make Do!!
What a pain in the rump unwrapping all that cholcolate but it's all about Making Do, eatting from the pantry and spending the least amount that we can this month
The candy turned out just fine, good enough I have it hidden from hubby in the panrty!!

What a crazy, busy, frustrating week this has been. I can't seem to keep my head above water, sure hope things will slow down next week.
I am SOO sorry that it has taken this long to post the winners of the blog candy. My only excuse is that life is getting in the way right now of doing anything I plan on doing.

The Christmas Zippy Wallet will go in the mail to A8383 Angela
"The Christmas Jar" book is headed to Nanadiana
Congrats ladies, I will get them in the mail ASAP

While cleaning out the desk this week I had hubby check on our beneficiaries for life insurance, accidental death, retirment acount, 401K, Health savings plan and other things I can't remember right now. Last year or the year before due to a computer brain fart I had been dropped as a beneficiary, we were lucky we even caugth it!!!! All was fine where I was concerned but our DD's were no long on as secondarly beneficiaries, grrr. I took hubby hours to get it all set back up but the deal is now done. Our DD's would have been in a HECK of a mess had anything happened to hubby and I.

Everyone needs to do a check up on ALL of your accounts each year!! So many people don't even know you should assign a binificary for things like IRA's, 401 K, and Health savings plans. Get on it TODAY

Need to stop this post as blogger is acting up!!


  1. So excited to win the wallet Debby! I am decluttering my attic. I have a "grandmother's" type attic with a walk up staircase which is great and not- makes it too easy to just put things up there.And after 14 years... well it is not pretty! Have a lovely weekend. Angela

    1. You are welcome, good luck on the attic, ours is on my To Do list this week as well

  2. Congrats to your Blog Candy winners. Wow that pantry was a big job, never mind unwrapping all those little candies.

    1. I know right. The big kids bought us a new wireless key board that dosn't always catch each word I type, takes twice as long to do anything on the PC now. Blogger was shutting down on me, and spell check wouldn't work. Hope tomorrow will be a better day!! Ha

  3. thanks for the tips- our biggest goal for 2013 is get our finances in even better order, I will check on those accounts