Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Challenge Updates

One of the challenges this month was to declutter around the house. Our biggest problem area's were the attic and my sewing room. The attic we knocked out at the beginning of the month. The sewing room....lets just say it's a work in progress. These mini bed pillows for the little girls along with some leftover minky fabric is one of many things that are cluttering up my room. The only way to declutter is to keep sewing and STOP buying more!!
The pillows are now a thing of the past, they are headed home with the little girls this week. I made a mistake today when I went to the quilt shop to pick up the tiny amount of fabric I needed to finish off the quilt tops from last week. I want to move those tops to the quilt someday soon pile but until I had the fabric I couldn't finish them off. Along with the tiny bit of fabric I needed I couldn't pass up a sale of fabric to use for backing at $3.99 a yard, what a DEAL!! Then it happened I spotted a way to cute to pass up pattern all done up that will be perfect for 2 more Christmas gifts. The good thing is the pattern was only $8.99, also good is that I have most of the fabric on hand in my sewing room. However I did need lining fabric :( I am not doing so good on decluttering the sewing room due to my lack of control when I see cute fabric.
Now for the 52 week challenge. Grand total in my envelope at this point is $127.00. I am loving this challenge, it is so doable.
Pantry challenge. Unlike the decluttering challenge I am totally ROCKING the pantry challenge!!! This one I will continue for an additional month as it is helping me use up what we have on hand as well as forcing me to step out of the box a little to think up some new recipes. Last week I did purchase paper products to take to my friends house after the death of her Father, the rest of this month has been milk, eggs, and fruit only
No/Low spend challenge. So far this month I have only put back $300.00 in our Christmas/vacation fund. Friday will be my end of the month deposit so I will do an update on the total saved for the month. I am thinking I can transfer at least and additional $200.00 over but time will tell. Its all according to what the mail man sticks in the box this week! Ha In addition to the $300.00 I really should count the $127.00 in the 52 week challenge envelope don't you think?

It has been a pretty darn good month with challenges this time around. A huge THANK you to Carla, Cindy, and Rhonda for including us all in their fun for the month. The 52 weeks will continue for, well 52 weeks of course. I will try and remember to do a once a month update on how that fund is growing. I am going to carry on the pantry challenge for an additional month as well as the low/no spend challenge. Winter is when I am able to beef up our saving the most. Decluttering will be changed over to UFO's in the month of February. The only way to declutter the sewing room is to sew, sew, sew. I also need to unload some of my scraps and leftovers. The biggest obstacle is to stay the heck out of the quilt shops!!!!

How is everyone else doing on their challenges? Any ideas for the month of February?


  1. You "rock" the challenges, Debby, as everything else you do. Really do you think you might have a bit of addiction going on when you enter a Fabric Store? I have been really good in not buying anything other then the pantry basics, other then I did buy a roast on sale today, and 2 chicken breasts. I think I will hook-up with you for the month of Feb. on the Pantry challenge. Love the little girl's new pillows.

  2. I would be up to something in February...coffee is on.

  3. It sounds like you are doing a great job on your challenges! You certainly keep busy. I love fabrics and I always smile when I see what you are up to with all your pretty choices. xo Diana

  4. Hi Debby- you did great! I saw those little pillow beds and think they are so cute.
    I am up for another challenge in Feb. No ideas though.

    I am doing a different saving plan- $10 a week, actually $20 every 2 weeks as that is how often hubby gets paid.

    I hardly ever buy fabric anymore but my stash is not shrinking, people keep giving me fabric and I end up keeping most of it. But it sure is nice when I need to make something, I usually can find what I need already in my craft room.

  5. Nice job on all of your challenges! I wish the stuff I have to declutter could be turned into something as cute as these pillows :)

  6. You're doing so well on your challenge. And you're right, best way to cut clutter is to get rid of what is already there and not buy more.....but it's hard when it comes to fabric and yarn LOL

  7. You did amazing in January, Debby!! :) I'm going to focus on bulking up my savings as well... our new budget kicks in tomorrow and we'll see how it goes! Good luck with your Feb challenges!!