Friday, January 18, 2013

No Snow

I ended up only having Karsyn yesterday. With only one grand I figured we could have a cooking lesson.
Karsyn was very proud of herself helping Nanny make cookies "Cookadies"
Perfect snack food for the snow storm we DID NOT have :(
Several Quilting blogs are working on a UFO challenge for 2013, check out Dawns blog to see whats going on. One of the things they suggest doing is to make a list of all the UFO's floating around in your sewing room. Part one is done. Not everything on this list are UFO's, I also added must do soon, sure would like to do, and if only I had an assistant!!!

We had a heck of a rainy, windy, cool day yesterday with almost 4 inches of rain. The change over to snow in the early evening didn't pan out. We did have some rain/snow mix but nothing to get excited about as everything melted when it hit the ground. Overnight our temps were cold enough to have some black ice but I was safe at home riding my fancy girl machine.

I should be able to finish up one of the beach quilts tonight then get back on the rest of the piles hot and heavy in the morning. Eventually I want to get in on the UFO challenge but for now I am in enough challenges for January!!


  1. No snow? We didn't get any either. What's with the weather forecasters anyway?

    Karsyn is soooooooooo cute!!!! AND those cookies look so yummy!!

  2. What a great study Karsyn appears to be? will she be walking in Nanny's shoes in the "kitchen dept"? Debby no worries about the snow as you sent it all up here, as by last night I was out walking with the girls with snow almost over my boot top. Thank goodness it was of the light & fluffy nature !

  3. NO SNOW here either, but I was glad!!