Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Day of Rest

After Kara left yesterday I made a quick trip to Joann's fabrics to pick up some elastic and a craft of some sort for my Tyler day tomorrow. I ran into these super cool large boxes on sale for $4.99!!

 I would liked to have found pink ones but no such luck. What the heck blue will do fine.
 These will be perfect to gift and store Bitty Baby clothes and hats in.
Really nice sturdy boxes. They even have a magnetic closure.
 Finished up this cute little sun dress from the FREE pattern here
Problem is I didn't realize the pattern was for a REAL baby!! Ha I think it will fit the full size American Girl dolls just fine once I hem it to the right length and add the piping.

I  SEW hope to have a nice relaxing day at home ALONE today. As much as I love our little rug rats after 4 full days of keeping up with them and everything else in life I am whipped and the house is upside down.  I'm even off the hook for Sunday dinner as DD#1 has her In-Laws in this week, DD#2 is out of town, DD#3 is working late, and hubby is still in TX.

Tops on my "To Do" list is get this mess of "Bitty Baby" patterns, fabric, notions and potions in some sort of order. My great idea of using up some stash fabric has worked out nicely however....I have made a real mess of the sewing room, laundry room, and kitchen counters. Once I make and outfit and know it fits I have been cutting out as many extra outfits as I can from that piece of fabric to use it up. You do notice I said cut out, they haven't all been made yet :( .

 It never fails, once I have a sweet little set made I head to the sewing/scrapbook supplies to find ribbon, buttons, or notions to dress things up a bit. I haven't left the room yet that my eye doesn't land on yet another piece of fabric that could be worked up in one way or another....Oh my.

Once I clear the decks of all things "Bitty" I need to orginize it all in one container so I can pull out just one box next time the baby doll bug hits me. Everything is a desorginized hot mess right now!! I have no idea how many outfits I have already made, how many have been cut out, or how many more I might want to make. At least this week of Baby dolls has helped use up some stash, kept me off the roads, and will make nice gifts in the futrue.

Do you ever get started on something that seems to get bigger and messier as you go?


  1. Sometimes you just need a day of alone time right? Hope you have a restful, peaceful Sunday :)

  2. Oh great find on those boxes!! :) Super cute! And blue works for girls too, especially at that price! ;) lol!! The dress is soo sweet! Enjoy your *YOU* day!!

  3. You could probably cover these boxes with some pink fabric... Love the dress! I hope you had an enjoyable day just for you!