Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Fun and a Little Bitty

 Kara and I spent a HOT morning at the park to burn off someones energy
 The wrong persons energy was burnt off! Ha
 Oh this girl of ours, always in motion.
 On these hot evenings I have been repurposing these baby caps and hand cover's(is that what they are called?) I picked up at Wally world on sale for $5.24
 Not a very good fit as you can see
 First I opened up the sides that were tacked down. Then used the steam setting on my iron to mark how much I needed to hem the cap
 I double folded the excess fabric then whip stitched the layers
 Followed that up with whip stitching the top fold and the bottom edge.
 What the heck why not add a bow, I have tons!! Much better fit don't you think?
 Used the hand covers for booties after adding yet another satin bow.
Two hats with booties at a cost of $2.80 for each set. Nice!

I am just about ready to break Bitty out of her box. I have fears many of the things I have made for her might not fit. Are they too large or too small? Where should I place the Velcro closures?  Even after we give the little girls their Bitty's at Christmas will they be willing to let Nanny borrow their new babies for fittings?  My hubby thinks I have clearly lost my mind!! Ha The heat might just be getting to me.

With the HUGE expenses we have coming up $55.00 (cost of the doll) seems like a drop in the bucket, but....I am sure we all know little drips can add up fast. I am sick to death thinking of all we will HAVE to spend soon, added to that I have a car problem. I kid you not on my NEW CAR

My "change oil soon" light came on last week. I planned on putting off doing the oil change until hubby is home next week. With all the expensive bad luck we have been having I figured something was sure to go wrong. Yep it did. After waiting over 2 hours for an oil change and tire rotation the service clerk and manager called me into the office, OH S... Sure enough they had bad news. Seems my almost new car has sprung and oil leak unknown to me. Not a problem Ms Nanny it will be covered under your warranty. The only problem is we will have to pull the engine which will take several days, of course we will put you in a loaner car the same or better than what you already drive.
This just makes me sick, my almost new car is already going to have to undergo MAJOR surgery.

Hubby can hardly believe the run of bad luck we (me) have been having, seems like every single day it is something else. I had a trip planned Monday to visit with a good friend for a few days, that's off the table now. I don't want to hit the highway in a car I am not familiar with.

Crap I am depressing myself all over, gonna close this post and break Bitty baby from the box!! I need a new toy!!!!


  1. Don't laugh. I bought myself a bitty baby just to have one for fittings and the girls can play with it when they are here. There is quite a difference between some of the patterns and what actually fits.
    So...DID you burn off all YOUR excess energy at the park? lol xo Diana

  2. Adorable!! Your adjustments make them just perfect!! :) I cannot believe how big your grands are getting! Soo sweet! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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