Friday, August 2, 2013

New Nanny Tool

 Have you seen these new Popsicle's in the grocery store? Oh how I love them!!! They are the perfect size for little ones and they really are slow melting. They were on sale this week at the grocery, you can bet I loaded up! Ha  As far as price they are not really a good deal as the price is the same as regular size Popsicles, however having no, or at least less drips around the house and deck make them a winner in my book.
 Hard to see from this photo how small the new Popsicles are as Kara's match her shirt. Ha Didn't notice that until I downloaded the pictures from today
 New Bitty Baby outfit, sew sweet, and one less piece of leftover fabric in the sewing room.
The bonnet took longer to make than the entire outfit, grrr I ended up having to wing it as the instructions with the pattern just wouldn't work out for me. Also added some homemade piping and  bias tape (using up those scraps) along with scrapbooking bow embelishments.

I survived a day with all the Grands. The key word here is survived, not thrived!! Ha Tonight is grilled cheese with leftover fruit, how is that for an easy meal. PJ's are already on, hand sewing stacked beside my chair, AJ the beagle stretched out on the couch. Yep its another wild Friday night.

Before I set my rump down for the night I pulled a bit more fabric from my stash to use on Bitty Baby clothes.  We are going to have some very well dressed babies around our place. The little girls will NOT be getting all these clothes at one time!!! I'm thinking they might get some diapers, bibs, nightgown, and maybe a dress. The rest of the things will be put up for special occasions, Birthdays, holidays, and such. I will also use some things for gift giving of some friends grands. I'm on a use it up, clear it out, Bitty Baby roll.

Is anyone else trying to clear out some of your leftovers from DYI, hobby's, sewing, scrapbooking stuff? Share with the rest of us, who couldn't use a few more ideas to use it up.


  1. The popsicle looks like it was made to match! haha!!

    The bitty doll clothes are absolutely adorable, Debby!! Love them! :)

  2. Thanks Carla, They are sew much fun to make

  3. What an adorable granddaughter! I discovered the Fruit Chillers when my grandkids were here. Bless their hearts, every time I handed them something to eat they would ask,
    "Is this healthy?" So the fruit won out.
    Have fun!

  4. I agree with Carla. I really think your Friday nights are much more exciting then any of mine are.