Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Ripe Tomato!!

 I have had my eye on this almost ripe tomato for a week. Last night I went to pick it and don't you know the squirrels had beaten me to it!!! Durn tree rats, I hate them :(
 Finished Bitty Baby a new romper and matching head band yesterday, sew cute.
Problem is I don't think it is going to fit her :( I know by holding it up to her it is way too short. I'm thinking it might also be too tight on her legs. I can modify it if need be by making it into a short romper but until she is opened Christmas morning I won't know. The other problem is I went ahead and cut out 3 rompers so I could use up the fabric scrap :( Oh well, I may be modifying 3 rompers this winter.

Didn't get much done yesterday at our house as I was working on things DD#1 wanted me to make from that aggravating Pintrest site. Wonder what it would take to get her band from the site!!

Not much done around here again today as I had the little girls the entire day. Holy Cow they are a handful!! It's 6:30, the Mommies have picked up their female offspring and I am in BED with my summer PJ's on. Crazy as that seems I don't have a lick of energy left in the old body. I have no place I need to go, and the air conditioner upstairs is working just fine. I'm thinking a good book in bed is just what the Dr would order.

Tomorrow brings another day of the grands. I will have all 4 of them for a few hours, Kara for the full day...prayers please.

Funny story from today with the little girls. Kara calls Karsyn "Sissy" aww, so sweet. Karsyn calls Kara "Karli" Kara's real name is Karalee but she goes by Kara

Kara is acting silly, lays down between the grands TV chairs then pretends to be stuck.
Kara - "Help Sissy I stuck"
Karsyn - gets up to check it out "Karli, you stuck?"
Kara - " yes, help"
Karsyn - "Good I bout tired of you" The goes back to her chair and enjoys her popcorn.
Kara - "Sissy I stuck"
Karsyn - " You need a nap, go asleep. I tired of you"

Karsyn is serious when it comes to snack time, better nobody be bothering her!! Mommy and Daddy say Karsyn has great leadership skills. In my time we called that being "BOSSY" HA


  1. Little buggers aren't squirrels!? lol!! I love that doll romper!! it's soo sweet!! My girls want stuff like that but i'm soo not good at that stuff... patterns like that confuse me like mad. *blush*

    Prayers going up for tomorrow Debby.. you're a saint in in my books!!

  2. Thanks Carla!! Can use all the prayers and luck thats out there. You sew could do the doll clothes, I too find the parrtens hard to follow on the first one, after that I just do what works better! Ha

  3. Hi Debby, Do you have more of the purple fabric? How about a ruffle at the bottom of the legs? Sew cute! Angela

    1. Humm, that just might work Angela. I will have to check it out

  4. Oh my bossy is right Hahaha too cute. Prayers? you need prayers? you know you also have mine anytime needed x