Sunday, August 25, 2013

Down Time

 Can you believe this jar is holding 12 pound of carrots? Amazing. Busy bee Miss Kara was my company for the day
 And...12 pounds of okra. Our family loves fried okra, a real summer treat. I have never tried to use dehydrated okra battered and deep fried but I am thinking it might not work out. What it does work great in is soups, jambalaya, and stewed tomatoes.
 This might be interesting. Here are frozen bags of green beans headed to the dehydrator. They would take up a whole heck of a lot of space in the freezer as well as being prime targets for freezer burn.
 First tray ready to pop in the dehydrator
 Here is the same tray after spending around 18 hours in the dehydrator. I still need to jar up the rest of the 12 pounds but a nap is next on my To Do list.
I am thinking after my nap I might just work up a few more of these cute pin cushion. I've already gifted the ones I had made.

Kara and I had a wonderful day yesterday getting out and about. Our weather has been amazing! Nice comfortable low humidity, with temps in the low 80's, along with a cool Canadian breeze. Thank you CANADA!! A play date in the afternoon with one of my buddies and her girly, girl grand. We can dress out grand girls up all girly girl but the Tom Boy always comes out. They are now very into tag team wrestling, nice.

Breakfast group this morning followed up with a visit to a good friends house.  Quick trip to the grocery for a super deal on bottled water then on to use my 50% off coupon for a spool of thread. Whats up with thread sales lately? I am almost out of the good stuff, nobody has had a sale in sew long.

AJ the beagle and I will be spending the rest of this beautiful Sunday doing NOTHING!!! With school starting back tomorrow the big girls need to get their ducks in a row. We have been together a whole lot this week, therefore everyone is on their own for Sunday dinner.

Any body else enjoying a simple Sunday? What a wonderful way to start the week off.


  1. Wow- You have sure been a busy gal lately. No quiet simple Sunday here- WAY too much going on-xo Diana

  2. Never gety much down time but today was recharge the boby battry for the next week!! Ha

  3. Wow, look at you go, with those 12 pounds of carrots! Doesn't look like much, does it? ha ha

  4. Love okra fried or in soup! I like to see your dehydration progress.