Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to the UFO Basket

 This quilt (#10) has been a long time coming. I cut it out last September. My how time flies!!
 I started piece work this morning before picking Kara up for the day.
 Worked on it a whole heck of a lot more than I figured I could do while Kara played her little heart out with the Bitty babies.
Four rows are completed with maybe 5 more to go.

The UFO quilt I am working on right now is a "Me and My Sister" design. I love the kits "Me and My Sister" put together. They are always so bright, happy, fast, and easy.  The only problem I have with their kits are that they aren't as big as I like to make for lap quilts. Quilt#10 is a 37 1/2 X 46 1/2inch size. I like this size for baby quilts. I like more of a 55-60 X 70-80 size for a lap quilt.

One of "Me and My Sister" designs claim to fame besides their super fun fabric line is the patterns are sew easy, great for beginners. The quilt tops really can be put together in a day. I pulled coordinating fabric from my stash too enlarge the quilt for a teen friendly size.  One of the charities I donate to is "The Tree House". They are always in need of quilts or blankets to give children who are brought into the center for medical attention. Instead of using their plain old hospital blankets they give each child and age/size appropriate quilt/blanket that they can keep. I have meet several of the ladies who work in the center who have shared what a difference these special blankets make in these poor children's horrific experiences.

They run short of teen quilts on a regular basis. Baby quilts of course are the most popular donations. Baby quilts are not only quick and easy to put together but they are also cost friendly. Adding my scrap stash, piecing some backings and using super sales on backing fabric along with these kits I am able to make quilts for teens at a VERY budget friendly price. This quilt is coming together sew fast and really fun I will be using the pattern a whole heck of a lot more. My goal is always to donate 3 quilts at a time. Being blessed with three DD's of our own I am use to doing everything times three. Seems only right to give from the heart times three.

Now for a wee bit of preaching. Everyone, everywhere, can give. No matter your financial situation you can give. Maybe your gift of giving could be time, every charitable organization, school or church could use an extra pair of hands. Maybe you are a technical whiz kid, helping set up data bases, power point, excel spreadsheets could be just the ticket. Do you get giddy over super shopping with coupons? I know I do, use up some of those super coupons and deals to purchase things your family doesn't care for then donate to a food pantry. Food stamps can't be used to purchase health/beauty nor cleaning supplies use your super shopping skills to put together a box of these necessary items. I tell you there is nothing like giving, give it a try I can assure you your life will never be the same.

Do you have the heart of a giver?  Share with the rest of us some ideas of giving with a budget in mind. Times are still hard for so many families but giving can still be possible.


  1. I love to give to others as much as I can as well.... but have to say you truly inspire me, Debby. You are truly such a warm & giving woman, definitely a mentor to me!! xox

  2. I give to a local food bank...I take $5.00 a week and buy personal care items, the things most people don't think to donate to a food bank, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant,pads etc. I base what I buy on whats on sale that week. Its not much but I feel every little bit helps.