Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moving on to More Fun

 I completed all of the alterations on Bitty Baby's hand me down clothes today then packed up the supplies, patterns and such for another time. I make such a mess when I am working on projects like this. It was nice to see the kitchen counters again!  Bitty is styling in one of her MANY altered outfits. A quick hem on the top/dress, nothing needed for the leggings, walla, it's done. This set is a newborn size but had been worn and washed many times. I'm sure there was some shrinkage with all those washings which made for a great Bitty fit.
 The counters didn't stay clean for long.  I moved on to Karsyn's bath wrap that DD#1 wants for goodie bags to give all of her little friends at her upcoming BD party. Oh please let this fit right!! I'll try it on Karsyn Thursday when she and Kara are here for the day then make any adjustments needed.
My inspiration for this came from  Janice Ferguson Sews blog. Check out her tutorial for an American Girl towel wrap, sew cute. You can follow that link on to the Spa BD party for her granddaughter, WOW I changed some things up a bit to keep costs down by shopping from my stash at home. No need to spend any more money than I have to.
Once I get Karsyn's fitting out of the way I can whip out the rest of the wraps we will need, monogram them, then hand it all off to DD#1. I will try and remember to share all the steps with you once I make sure we have a winner. Janice also has a little girl tutorial for a spa wrap that's great.

WHEE, can I just tell you I am tired!! It's been a busy day trying to get all the Bitty things finished up then move on to a sample towel wrap for Karsyn today.  But its done, finished, complete, time for a snack!

Ahh, but I'm not quite done yet as I need to do some housework this evening while the temperature is cooler. Dusting, vacuuming, moping, you know the drill. In the morning I can finish up by cleaning the upstairs, mow the lawn, then settle in for some afternoon piece work. Hubby will be home on Friday, I have the little girls Thursday, Kara until Saturday sew it's time to get things back in order.

Back to the spa wraps. These make great FRUGAL gifts. I made some for our girls way back when.... they were in elementary school at that time, then another round once they hit high school. Using Velcro for the closure insured they could use them for years and years. My Sister made them for her DD's bridesmaids gifts a couple of years back. Super easy to do as well. What about Christmas gifts? Heck ya!!!

Off to enjoy that snack then on to finishing the must do's


  1. You are a whirlwind! I have loved watching the Bitty Baby's gorgeous wardrobe grow. What wonderful things you have made! And now the darling bath wrap. Love, love, love the color combination with the black polka dots, hot pink towel and eyelet ruffle. Karsyn will love it---and you. Great job, Debby.

  2. Thanks Janice, I sure hope it fits right, our Karsyn is a full figure gal if you know what I mean!! HA Your work is breathtaking, I am going to have to find someplace local to learn smocking, sew pretty