Monday, August 26, 2013

Yummy Cake Walk

 I have been yearning to start this quilt for a long time. Don't you think it is as sweet as can "bee"? This pattern is by Lori Holt, Check out her blog for some serious eye candy!! You can order a copy for yourself by going to the top of her page under patterns.
 I am going to do my "Cake Walk" quilt from scratch. What does making a quilt from scratch mean you ask? Instead of purchasing the fabric suggested on the pattern I am going to use my scraps and stash for each cake block. I might have to purchase more white for the background and of course some backing fabric but that's it!! I am going to "Make Do" for everything else.
 Am I the only one who always ends up having to do trimming with each step?
 Once I got the cake block put together it was time to frost/decorate it. A dear friend sent me this tool awhile back. THANK YOU Val!! It claims to seal the ends of ribbon so they won't fray. What the heck, no instructions? Oh well I will just plow forward, it can't be that hard can it? Dog gone when I turned the thing on it wouldn't work :(
 Sometimes the easiest things seem to trip me up. If you put batteries in this handy dandy tool it springs to life. The missing instructions? They were tucked in the battery hole. After having a good laugh at myself I gave it a try. Works like magic!! Not sure if the ends will hold up in the wash, time will tell, but its perfect for other craft projects.
 Here is the first from scratch block pieced and frosted. I like it!
I might not be getting any scrap booking done these days but I am sure enjoying the stash of ribbon and buttons I have on hand. For my frosting I added cherry ribbon to the top and bottom layer, embroidered on leaves from scraps, zigzagged on the stem, last but not least two cherry red buttons.

Anyone else old enough to remember the good old days when schools and church's would host cake walks at festivals or fundraisers? My Grandmother, Aunts, and even I would knock our self out to donate the perfect cake for these events. When our girls were in elementary school lots of times each classroom would come up with their own idea for games, activities, face painting and such during the fall festival. One of my favorites to do when I was the Room Mommy was to have a cake or cupcake walk. Those days are of course long gone as schools won't allow home baked goodies in the school house doors :(  This generation of kiddo's are missing out on so many fun simple things, what a shame.

SEW here is what I am thinking. Anybody want to have a virtual cake walk. Sort of a cake walk, sew along, Quilting Bee? If so make sure and leave a comment sew the rest of us can follow along on your progress. Here are the lose rules.

1.) Purchase your pattern from Lori. I picked mine up at our local quilt shop some time back. I won't be doing a typical step by step tutorial for this quilt block. I try to share free patterns I run into often on this blog but NEVER EVER would I want to steal a designers hard work. :)

2.) NO SHOPPING for the cake, cake plate, or frosting!! I know its gonna be hard to resets but we all need to have a little stash busting ever now and then. This pattern is layer cake, fat quarter friendly. Pull out some of those oh sew cute fat quarters you just couldn't pass up that are taking up space you could use for some NEW stuff.

3.) Each Monday for the next 6 weeks Post (2) Cake blocks on your blog. Make sure and leave a link to your blog in the comment section sew we can all follow along!!!!

Simple right? The hardest part of this virtual cake walk will be NO SHOPPING!! Do not let this quilt block intimidate you!! Lori's directions are wonderful, if you can sew a 1/4 inch straight seam you can do this.

Last but not least I am in NO WAY affiliated with "Bee in my Bonnet" company. I just enjoy sharing cool stuff other ladies have worked hard to design and develop. Sew whats in it for me? Accountability!!! I need to have this quilt finished totaly completed in 7 weeks for a VERY special Birthday gift. Ya'll gotta keep me on track!!


  1. I love that quilt block. I would have loved to have joined but I have too many other things on the go at the moment.


    1. I know what you mean Gill, I shouldn't but...What the heck! Ha

  2. That is just a darling pattern, Debby. I hope you can some joiners. I just have too much on my plate right now.
    My granddaughters are lucky enough to be in a small school that still allows home made treats. It is so much fun for them. It's a shame what most of the world has come to- xo Diana

    1. Wish our grands were so lucky to be in samll school systems

  3. Ohh, I love this one-is it a pattern?

    1. well shoot, I should have actually read the whole blog! I will try, but it might be just the cakes without the stands, and larger blocks.......

    2. Ha, Barb. I am sure whatever you make will be lovely. Make sure and share with the rest of us