Friday, August 30, 2013

Long Hot Weekend Ahead

 6 Pounds of broccoli ready for some soups or casseroles this fall
 Along with 6 pounds of green beans
 The little girls are the only ones who have any interest in working in the kitchen on these hot days
I think I have the only dog in the world who won't eat off the floor. You must hand AJ the beagle her snacks.

It's HOT!!! The past 2 days have been the worst of all summer long :( This heat drains my mojo!! It won't be long now before I am back in the century of central air conditioning, to say I am excited would be an understatement.

After picking up the little girls yesterday morning we made a stop at the park to run off some energy, by 9:30 we were all dripping in sweat. Time to head to the hot house. Karsyn is such a talker, the girl never stops. On the drive home she starts in with Kara

Karsyn - "Kara we so happy today the Mommy's are gone"
Kara - Just glares at her
Karsyn - "Kara it's happy day, we got no Mommy's"
Kara - Continues to glare
Karsyn - "Lets hold hands and be happy"
Kara - finally smiles as they hold hands
Karsyn -"Nanny stop this car, we so happy we need to dance"
Me - "We are almost home Karsyn, you can dance then"
Karsyn - "Nanny we de boss of you remember, you gots to stop dis car"
Me - "Not now Karsyn"
Karsyn - " Nanny turn on the rock and roll, we gonna rock out"

After arriving home they did just that. By 2:00 the heat finally caught up to them too. Thank goodness for fans, Popsicles, and cartoons!!!

I only have one more contractor to deal with before we get started on our VERY expensive September. We will be getting an estimate on refinishing the kitchen cabinets. Be still my heart!! The preliminary estimate was $2,500.00 if he really can do it at that price I will be over the top happy. Turn on the rock and roll we need to dance. I am not getting my hopes up yet as the estimate seems way low to me. We are still waiting on the finally numbers for new windows, at that point we will have to decide if we will do them all at once or work it in stages. Its been a long hot summer of crunching numbers. I am ready to be done with it all.

Time to get a shower and prepare to pick up Kara for our Friday schedule. Breakfast out followed by a romp in the park then on to the bank and grocery store. As wild, crazy, and fun it is to have all the grands together I LOVE when I can have them one on one.


  1. If you are just REFINISHING the kitchen cabinets that sounds about right...but if you are REFACING them that is really low. My daughter had her whole kitchen refinished for about $2500 and that included painting cabinets/island and a piece of granite for their island.

    Cute conversation with the kids. You KNOW they are the boss of you, don't you? xo Diana

  2. Thanks Nana, good info to know. I didn't like the idea of refacing plus it was way over budget!!!

  3. Debby those grands have you over a barrel. We have been replacing windows/doors at one per year since they are so costly. I think I will bite the bullet and replace either our Bedroom or Kitchen on this year.