Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little Girls and Bitty Clothes

 While I was working with the embroidery machine today I got thinking why not add monograms to the bitty towel wraps.
 First and last name initials only. DD wants me to do a project for her by November using this method. Might as well get some practice in.
 Dog gone it, this ducky stitch out too large for the bitty bib
 I satin stitched on his little head to hold the stitches, figure the little girls won't mind
This row of duck's fit much better.

With the little girls here today I couldn't get much done, they are on the move all day long. Before they arrived I cleaned up my mess from last night, got their breakfast, lunch, and snacks prepared, and the embroidery machine set up. Happy to say all of the embroidery projects are now caught up!! I have another repurposed project I am working on that may be complete by the first of the week that I was also able to get the embroidery done on as well. All in all a pretty productive day considering the house guests I had, Ha

Why all the Bitty projects lately? well lots of reasons. It's too stinkin hot to work on quilts with the downstairs air out, that's a BIGGY!!! These tiny little things are helping me clean out a bit of my stash. I am challenging myself to stay the heck out of the fabric shops and make do with what I have on hand. I need to have some gifts ready for this fall and of course a few things for the grands at Christmas. Last but not least they are FUN!! Ha

I never have this much time on my hands in the summer. The garden, canning, dehydrating, and freezing fill up my days and nights during the summer but this year everything is different. The torrential rains and floods damaged the garden to the point it can't make a come back. The local farms prices are sky high since they too have taken such a hit from Mother Nature. We have about 1/2 of what I put up last year still on hand, maybe next year will be better :)

Sew to keep myself busy and beat the heat Bitty baby items it will be! We have a company we will be using to replace our heat/air units on the 16th of this month to give us an estimate. Good and bad news is they are telling us we need to hold off until September 1st to get a real deal on the new units. Well see....unless the savings are pretty darn good I don't think I can take the heat much longer. AJ the beagle spends her days upstairs in the central air, wimp!!! Ha

What are you doing to beat the heat this summer? Anyone else working on Christmas gifts? I need to check our gift closet to see is I am close to being done.


  1. Yes- It has been a touchy growing season all the way around this year. Feast for famine, as they say.
    I love your sweet sewing items-I love Bitty Baby, too-xo Diana

  2. I've been lurking here for awhile. I would have LOVE to have been your granddaughter. These things you are making are just wonderful.

  3. What cuties you have been working on..nothing like hand made doll clothes..!!!