Monday, August 5, 2013

Me Time

 Here is a small pile of leftover fabric from other projects I think I will use for "Bitty" clothes. Rather than keep all the ideas of what to do with what fabric in my head (where it seems to fall out) I pinned a note to each piece of what I want to try.
 Patterns just for baby dolls are now pulled from my regular pattern boxes. Maybe this will making finding what I want a little easier and faster
 Loose buttons and carded buttons I am pretty sure I want to use for baby clothes are pulled from my stash into these little containers
 Head gear in the making for "Bitty" will go in this container as I find or make things from scraps
 Notions and potions are in an additional tub
Now it's all stored in this large easy to move around box

Sew what to do with a full day all to myself? One of my favorite things, organize!!! Ha I know crazy right? When things get out of order I start getting a little nuts. I was tired of spending too much time trying to find what I know I just had in my hands, running upstairs to pull whatever would be "Just right" for a little outfit then leaving a mess of things in the sewing room. It's one thing to have a mess in the kitchen, breakfast room, and laundry room where I do most of my sewing but....I was also making a heck of a mess in the sewing room digging around looking for just the right thing to finish up something for "Bitty". Oh that's not the only mess I was making in my nest. I throw all the handwork stuff on my chair (at my chair) for a later time when I can sit and take a load off, more mess!

I can make a full size quilt top with much less chaos than making a teeny tiny little dress. Whats that all about? Ha It was nice to get all the store bought and homemade patterns in one place, now I have a better idea of what patterns I can pull to make up what I want from all the components from different patterns. I took the time to make notes on the patterns as to what works or doesn't work about that pattern. This should make things a whole heck of a lot faster.

After that I pulled fabric from my stash that I think I want to use. Making notes on what I want to do with each piece will maybe make that process move along as well.

Notions, potions, and buttons. Oh My! I have sew much of it all squirreled away in my scrapbooking and sewing supplies, organized I might add but still what a pain and mess I was making of things finding just the right size /color style I wanted. Having a little go to box ready and waiting should keep at least the sewing/scrapbook room looking better than it was.

After spending most of the day organizing "Bitty" things I made a trip to our new Walmart store. Tyler's BD is coming up this week, gotta find something for him. What a MAD house. I had forgotten it was tax free weekend added to the fact our store only opened a week or two ago the crowds were crazy. While wondering around the toy isle I ran into some real bargains for "Bitty" That was a nice cheap surprise but certainly not what I went for. Ha Toys R Us is now on my To Do list for the week as I didn't find a thing for Ty boy :(

 I had my summer nightie on by 2:00 in the afternoon. What is it about wearing night clothes during the day that makes you feel like you really are kicking back? AHHH a day off to do what you want, when you want, the way you want.

Off to shower and dress before the air conditioner repair man arrives (will see) It's been two weeks without air downstairs at this point. Can we say HOT!!!!! First I do hope this guy showes up, second I  hope we won't have to dig too deep to pay the bill.

Whats your favorite thing to do on a real day off from work, the kiddo's, hubby, and the world


  1. You, poor thing! I'm dying here because our "air conditioning" is only an old swamp cooler. But no air conditioning at all - I'm SORRY! As for orginizing on "me" day...yes, you are crazy :) But I bet, everything is in perfect order now :)

  2. It really is hot as heck but at least the upstairs is nice and cool

  3. No AC? I think I would collapse. Sounds like you had fun with your time off though. On my time off I like to sew-or computer it and watch old movies at the same time. Hope you had a great day- xo Diana

  4. I love kicking back with a good movie in the winter. It is not a good time of the year to have the air out that's for sure!!!